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Getting Your Home Ready for Sale: A Simple Guide

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Looking to sell your home? You’re not alone. Over the course of the pandemic, many people have found that their homes simply aren’t suitable for them. As we’ve spent more and more time within our own four walls, many of us have struggled to make life work seamlessly. Perhaps you’ve switched to remote work and your employer has decided to make this change permanent. You may need an extra room for an office space. Maybe you realized that your home simply isn’t big enough, or, alternatively, that you have too much space to maintain easily and want to downsize. Maybe you now want to move closer to family to be able to see them more often now that restrictions are lifting. Maybe you have landed a new job and want to shift to reduce your commute. Whatever your reason for wanting to move house, you have a big journey ahead of you. Selling your home for a good price isn’t as simply as taking some pictures and sticking it on the market. You’re going to have to make an effort to make it stand out from the crowd (for all the right reasons) in advance. Not only can this result in a faster sale, but it can also increase the amount that you get in exchange for the property. So, where should you start when it comes to getting your home ready for sale? Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling!


If you want to spruce your home up with minimal effort, redecorating is a good option. Believe it or not, a fresh lick of paint really can make all the difference to how your property looks. Not only does it make the space seem clean, fresh and new (which can help to entice buyers) but by redecorating in neutral colours, you can help to make your home appeal to a wider audience. Consider muted or neutral colour schemes such as white, cream, magnolia or mushroom. These colours are plain and will help viewers to see the house as a blank canvas, encouraging them to imagine putting their own twist on the place. Of course, redecorating can be hard work and redecorating well can take some skill. The majority of people will call in professionals who have the correct equipment, tools and knowledge to really do the house up well. This also saves you trying to decorate hard to reach areas, such as staircases, ceilings and more.


Another option that you could take into consideration, if you’re willing to spend a little more time, effort and money, is renovations. Home renovations can make major changes to homes that significantly increase their value and appeal. There are countless renovations that you could look into, ranging from aesthetic renovations to practical renovations. Some examples include:

  • Fitting an en suite
  • Installing a skylight
  • Building an extension
  • Undertaking a loft conversion
  • Carrying out a garage conversion
  • Adding a conservatory

If you’re looking for some inspiration with your potential renovations, you should take a look at the Homeowners Guide to Interior Remodeling and Renovations. This can give you a point to start from!

Deep Clean

Whether you redecorate or not, whether you renovate or not, whether you do anything else at all – it’s absolutely essential that you conduct a deep clean of your home before inviting potential buyers in for viewings. A deep clean will make your home truly presentable, maximising its appeal and ensuring that the space is suitable for people to consider buying. There are countless deep cleaning tasks that you might want to carry out, but here are just a few you might want to add to your to-do list.

Cleaning Carpets

If you have carpets, chances are, they could do with a professional clean. Just think about how much wear and tear flooring goes through over the years. Family members, friends and other guests walking through with shoes on, pets running in and out of the garden, food spills, drink spills – the list goes on. No matter how well you clean up small accidents, dirt will build up in the pile over time. Sure, we all vacuum on a regular basis. But bear in mind that this only picks up surface dirt. You’ll need to conduct a proper carpet clean to really get your carpets looking fresh and new again. Some people choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner. However, nowadays, many simply hire the carpet cleaning machine themselves, buy some appropriate cleaning solution and do the work themselves. These cleaners can easily be hired in most locations and have been developed over time to leave your carpets as dry as possible. Make sure to choose a time where as few people as possible will be walking across the carpets while they dry.

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows is a simple task, but it’s important to make sure that it’s complete before viewings – inside and outside your home. For the inside, all you need is a window cleaning solution and a window cleaning cloth or rag. Spray the window and wipe it down. For the outside, it’s generally best to hire a professional window cleaner. They’ll be able to complete this task safely and simply.

Miscellaneous Tasks

There will be plenty of miscellaneous tasks to carry out too. Cleaning skirting boards. Cleaning the toilet. Cleaning the hob. Just make sure to look around your property for any area that might have been missed. If you want to make things easier for yourself, simply hire a cleaning company who can do the work on your behalf. Most have reasonable fees nowadays and it’s a good investment for your house viewings.

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do to help your home sell faster and for a higher price. All in all, your efforts should be worth it in the end! So, follow some of the steps above and things should all get moving in the right direction!



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