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City Manager John Pedersen, Mayor Bethune, Bar & Restaurant Owner, Larry Bond

Headed To Court

Family values may soon be spot enforced in Myrtle Beach on Ocean Boulevard if Myrtle Beach City Council approves a second reading which will prohibit CBD oils, tobacco, alternative nicotine, vapor products, and e-cigarettes.  The ordinance’s main goal is to create a family friendly environment, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune told local media.

“I’m not saying that those businesses are not what we want, I’m just saying that there currently is some merchandise that is not really in the scope of being family friendly,” Mayor Brenda Bethune said.

A new overlay district is being created downtown. In City Council’s original proposal, items were to be banned between Sixth Avenue South to 16th Avenue North.  The Ocean Boulevard banned products are legal, however,  and will continue to be sold throughout all other areas of the City of Myrtle Beach including the malls and Broadway at the Beach.

This is not about what anyone “wants” on the boulevard. This is about the rule of law – local municipalities have no authority to overstep the FDA, or to ban things that are legal. This will fail in court, just like the helmet law failed,” said Mande Wilkes, a local Myrtle Beach media personality whose family owns a downtown beachwear store.

As news of the ban broke, downtown Myrtle Beach resident Julia Sheagren shared the below online last night.


Restaurant and Bar owner, Larry Bond recently teamed up with the Mayor Bethune and City Manager John Pedersen becoming the face of the new “Family Values” movement. Bond is now the spokesperson and lead merchant on all things appropriate Myrtle Beach.

Said Bond online, “I will not stop fighting for my city and what I believe in.”

The ordinance does not address pool parties, beer, liquor, or bars.   Based on comments we followed last night, the ordinance will likely be legally challenged and headed to court later this year.

Changing the Myrtle Beach image is a considerable effort.  Below are just a few of the tourist posted videos among thousands that MyrtleBeachSC news found online.



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