Healthy Food Choices To Help You Start Your Day

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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If you need to have a healthy breakfast, it does not require a lot of time, as you can try incorporating it into your daily routine. If you consider eating the foods stated below, there are chances the foods can give you the energy you need, and it can also help you avoid some cravings you may get later.

Chia Seeds

The Chia seeds tend to serve as the vegan protein substitute. The chia seeds are made of complete protein sources and have all of the nine essential amino acids. The seeds are vital to your health since they are rich in iron and have healthy fiber and fats. Before sleeping, consider soaking a teaspoon of the seeds, and once you’re awake, you can have it as it plays a role in lessening inflammation and chronic diseases.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

When you’ve woken up and are ready to face the day, there is nothing warming like starting with a cup of healthy homemade [hot cocoa], especially on a cold winter. The cocoa powder has some antioxidants, which have different benefits like healing your heart, insulin levels and helping your memory. It can be considered as one way of starting a healthy day.


Taking kale is beneficial since it’s loaded with some vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, which you may need for energy. It can be considered one of the great plant-based sources of iron as it helps to carry oxygen to the tissues, which is essential for you to thrive. It can also help your health since it’s a good source of calcium.


Watermelon may be your favorite summer fruit as it has many positive health impacts on your body. The fruit has some water content, and when you eat it, it can be one of the great ways of staying hydrated. When preparing your morning juice, you can consider throwing it there when blending or making a smoothie. You can also consider adding it to your omelet.


If you consider eating papaya in the morning, it’s good to eat it on an empty stomach as it helps in cleansing your stomach and it can help with your bowel movement. After you’ve eaten it, wait for maybe an hour before eating anything. Since papaya has different benefits, it can help lower cholesterol, which can be considered a precursor to heart disease.


The dates have an amazingly sweet flavor that you may like, and in addition to the flavor, your body can easily digest them as they also give your body an instant energy boost. Dates can be considered a great source of calcium, iron, and even magnesium.

When having your morning food plate, you can chop some dates and add to the plate, then throw some of them into your smoothie as they can bring some extra sweetness. You can also consider dripping them with almond or peanut butter to get a yummy snack. When comparing almond butter vs peanut butter, some may argue that the latter is healthier as it contains more protein, but almond butter is richer in vitamin E and monounsaturated fats. Whichever you choose, your dates will taste heavenly.

Honey With Warm Water

When you combine honey with warm water, it can help in improving your immunity and your digestion. Taking the combination in the morning on an empty stomach can help in boosting your metabolism. Unlike the other drinks you can drink when losing weight, the combination of honey, lemon, and water is considered to have a few calories. Honey can also help to boost your energy levels and help remove some toxins.


The first vital thing you need to consider is choosing the best cereals when looking for good breakfast food that will help take you through the morning. You may think of selecting a sugary cereal since it can take you back to your childhood, but it may not be the right choice when it comes to your health. Look for the cereals with at least five grams of fiber and the ones with less sugar. Besides, you can healthily add sweetness with blueberries in your cereal bowl.


When you take a cup of strawberries, they have some fiber and some vitamin c that can take you through the day. Some antioxidants are found in the berries that may have some cell-protecting properties. When you eat more of the berries, it can protect your blood vessels from some of the harmful plaques and boost circulation. 

If you don’t love berries or if they are not top of your list, you can opt for the citrus fruit, the stone fruit, and even apples as they are also a good alternative. They also have potassium that can help balance your blood pressure and mitigate bloating.

Whole Grain Waffles

When you have frozen waffles, they can be an easy and delicious swap for a toast. In this case, you can look for water and some whole grains and then try to keep low added sugars. Then you can use your waffles for a sandwich bread with some eggs or with some nuts, cinnamon, butter, and some chocolate chips and enjoy it.

In summary, when you start your day with the above nutritious foods, they may positively impact your health. Having a smart food choice can be vital to you since you will stay energized and active throughout the day.

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