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In what was an emotionally charged ceremony,  the Confederate Flag was taken down for the last time from the state house grounds in Columbia, South Carolina today.

While some saw the flag as a symbol of heritage,  others viewed that heritage as one of slavery and a symbol of oppression.

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The state and the nation largely applauded the move as a step forward for the State of South Carolina and the nation in whole.  Governor Haley attended the ceremony.


In a prepared statement, Pastor Mike Brown, who is also the president of the Myrtle Beach Black Chamber of Commerce said , “We are equally proud of our state, our Governor and our people today.  From Myrtle Beach, to Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Rock Hill and across the state, today’s actions truly open up new doors of opportunities for everyone.”

The Myrtle Beach Black Chamber of Commerce says it intends to promote Myrtle Beach and South Carolina nationwide as an area that is committed to true equality and diversity.

Scott Lemons is a writer for Myrtle Beach, SC.  Connect with Scott here: Scott Lemons


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