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Horry County Council Dedicates International Drive While Embroiled in 1-73 Debate

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Yesterday Horry County Council in an untimely 2:00 midday meeting sat to discuss and approve an agenda which many feel was a full purpose to boost the funding of 1-73 and a direct agenda to throw the people of Horry, especially police, fire and emergency workers “to the bears”, in spite of the prior and unpopular initiative to hold a “referendum” to raise the mill property taxes at a huge expense, which for unknown reasons appeared to evaporate before the Council attendees.

We say thrown “to the bears” because today the Council sat up a comfy little site on International Drive to dedicate the opening of the particular road while at that very same time a bear was spotted running around the not too far local school grounds. Thankfully school is out for the summer. It’s ironic that at that moment Lazarus was also lamenting that one of the main groups hampering the development of International Drive was the Conservation League. The Conservation League was indeed very vocal and used it’s power and funding to do as much as possible to restrain Horry from making poor decisions regarding the rare and precious resources of this county and state and admonished the Council in an earlier press release just this morning.

Bear seen around International Drive and Carolina Forest School today..

As Lazarus spoke at the ribbon cutting for International Drive he made mention of the 1-73 lapel pin he was wearing and lightly devolved into the issue of the Council input yesterday. It appears at first the Council made the people believe there was $30 million involved that was to be specifically (at least that’s what the agenda called for), BY LAW, apportioned to the 1-73 project. Mysteriously that $30 million became $23 million. After that the remaining monies became at issue with what and who and where those remaining funds should go. Questions were made as to if the difference could go to public service of the police, fire, emt, etc., but then it was revealed that there was already a cap on these service funds, $8 million, thereby negating a tax increase to fulfill that need. All whom we spoke to found the Council meeting to be a quagmire of information, misinformation, platitudes, opinions, posturing and boastering.

Opening ribbon cutting of International Drive today…

Peggie Andrews Bushey is a local citizen very involved with our political issues and she attended the Council meeting and lamented the meeting regarding I-73 was ill prepared and confusing to say the least, except for all the I-73 lapel pins which appeared to be a quite orchestrated effort to “prove” I-73 is of dire need.

Bushey and many others left the meeting with more questions than they came with and choose to share these with us in hopes that perhaps Council will address these issues..

Bushey asks:

My questions about the council meeting yesterday…

1) Why was a tax increase by referendum suggested and put on the docket if there was such a steep cap on what they could actually allot to firemen and police? They proved yesterday they could do it with no tax increase.

2) which if our illustrious Horry County representatives put these caps on spending?

3) why did they set aside $18 million when all they can allot to HCFD and HCPD is short of 8 million?

4) what was the hurry to get the vote on I-73 done RIGHT NOW!! Would a couple weeks made that big a difference? The other councilmen had a lot of issues?

5) Tyler Servant wanted to take the money out of the Community Benefit Fund ( their slush fund) for Veterans! They all agreed to that with the exception of the money coming out of the GENERAL fund! Why didn’t Mr Crawford know the difference between the General Fund, the Community Benefit Fund and the Reserve fund which is used in times of natural disaster and NOone was talking about using otherwise?

7) why in the very end were our police, first responders and firemen hung out to dry!???? Our roads not addressed?

8) ask yourselves….WHY WAS GETTING I-73 FUNDED RIGHT NOW SO DARNED IMPORTANT? Maybe Mr Wooten could weigh in or…..the DOT? They were there in all their glory!

Thank you Peggie Andrews Bushey for taking your time and being involved. The State, County and City need many more such as you and unfortunately too many cocerned citizens get “lost in the sauce” of the community of politics.

So we ask and our readers ask what exactly WAS accomplished at this meeting yesterday? We know what was accomplished today, the opening of yet another road that will fall into disrepair over the next few years along with the very long list of other roads on the list. A road with a shiney new road top which will become as obsolete within five years as all the others in Horry. To anyone who ponders the fate of I-73, we ask you to take a drive around Horry County and count the pot holes in the current roads. Perhaps we can set up a fund and give a dollar for each. That in and of itself would pay for HC I-73.

Research, Read, Share..
Lisa Bean Williams



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