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Horry Insider

Horry Insider provided to residents only

Starting June 29th, the Horry Insider section of our news site will be provided to Horry County resident membership only.

There is no fee for membership. However, only primary residents of Horry County can sign up for this section of our news site. Residency address will be required at sign up.

Horry Insiders will be provided the inside scoop on local news not available to the general public.

With the exception of Horry Insider, ALL SECTIONS OF MYRTLEBEACHSC.com are open to public view.

Horry Insider will offer insight into the often misleading headlines published by other local news organizations.

Our privacy portal will be in place by June 29th.

We encourage all residents of Horry County to sign up for honest news that you won’t find anywhere else in the public domain.

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