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Myrtle Beach Spying

How local government or your ex can track you for $39

In 2016, MyrtleBeachSC news began doing investigative work concerning beach bacteria spikes along the oceanfront.

The City of Myrtle Beach, along with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (MBACC), were aware we were asking questions among scientific specialists in the field.


On March 1, 2016 at 10:01 a.m., we published the following article: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/health-department-swimming-not-advised-in-myrtle-beach


Our website hosting was attacked at 10:05 a.m. with the first of what would be 12 DDOS attacks. These ongoing attacks shut down our site completely for a week. Subsequent attacks shut us down time and again as we constantly upgraded cyber security.

As a result of the attacks, we had our office and home internet systems checked. Those were also hacked with spyware put in place.

Once we cleared those hurdles, I assumed the worst had passed.

However, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce then spent millions of tax dollars nation-wide claiming our reporting was “fake news” based on one beach bacteria test that “non-for-profit” purchased.

Millions of Tax Dollars spent by MBACC in Fake News video ads

Phones bugged also

In 2018, a worker associated with the State Capital, alerted me that my cell phone was tapped.

Tracking Car Movements

As an investigative journalist, I often meet with confidential sources when researching an important story. Sources began informing me that they were getting calls from local business owners associated with MBACC right after we met. It was only then, that I became concerned about how my movements were being tracked.

I then had my car swept, and, sure enough a tracking device was located on it. The device installed cost only $89. I have since learned a device can be installed for as little as $39.

How to check your car for a tracking device

If you are going through a divorce, posting government accountability posts on social media, or doing government related investigative journalism don’t think this can’t happen to you.

For a story I am currently working on, I find that married partners considering divorce are keen on placing these devices on their partner’s car.

Conspiracy nut? – Cameras everywhere

The City of Myrtle Beach boasts of having more than 800 cameras doing public surveillance city-wide. This is why I often meet with sources outside the city limits if privacy warrants.

Ironically, I was personally called a “conspiracy nut” by a Columbia, S.C. “pay to play” blogger, as well as, Randal Wallace. Wallace was, at that time, a Myrtle Beach City Councilman running for re-election in 2017 when he made those charges. He lost his bid for re-election in 2017.

This business has taught me to be thick skinned about establishment comments, unwarranted personal attacks, cyber attacks, spying, and dishonest published articles.

*Myrtle Beach tourism is, after all, a $3 billion industry.

*MBACC gets over $55 million annually in tax welfare.

*The City of Myrtle Beach has an annual budget of over $200 million.

A $39 investment in a tracking device for any of these, or any business colluded with any of these, is a cheap investment.



About David Hucks

Born in 1961, David is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com

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