How to avoid resale scams buying Carolina Country Music Fest Tickets

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David Hucks
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The Carolina Country Music Festival is sold out. The only way to buy tickets are through resale agents. The event starts this Thursday and runs to Sunday.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (June 3, 2024) – Unfortunately for those looking for a ticket to this year’s sold-out Carolina Country Music Fest (CCMF), it’s easy to fall for fake ticket scams or overpay. Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Carolinas (BBB) urges consumers to do their research and keep the following tips in mind when buying from ticket resellers. 

Unfortunately, some con artists pose as resellers, and it’s hard to tell if a ticket is fake. BBB receives around 150 reports a year about ticket scams related to sporting events, concerts, and more. Several reports on BBB’s Scam Tracker mention issues with buying resale tickets from people on Facebook Marketplace or groups on Facebook. Several consumers report being asked to pay for the tickets via digital wallet app, not receiving the tickets, and being unable to get a refund. Scammers are skilled at providing realistic tickets and fake receipts. 

Tips for finding resale tickets

  • Buying from a reseller selling primary tickets adds a layer of protection. CCMF provided a ticket exchange system on their website, which gives consumers an extra layer of protection. If you’re looking for tickets to another concert, use established companies like TicketMaster, because they will invalidate the original ticket and create a new barcode for you. This means you are the only one in possession of the resale ticket.
  • Review the policies before making a purchase. You should only buy tickets from a ticket reseller that provides clear details about the transaction term. For example, the terms should include information about who is responsible for giving the wristbands to the new recipient.
  • Buy tickets with a credit card. Using a credit card helps protect you if the tickets are not as promised. Watch out for resellers who ask for unusual payment methods, such as sending gift cards or wiring money. This is a red flag. 
  • Account for extra fees. Ensure you include fees in your pricing calculations by navigating to the checkout page. Some resellers don’t disclose their fees until you are almost ready to pay.

Read more tips about buying tickets. To stay safe while purchasing event tickets, read this BBB Scam Alert about fake events and phony tickets

Read more about online purchase scams on to protect yourself from fake online products and sellers.

If you encounter a resale ticket scam, report your experience to

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