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How to find love


We all rush into the “pool of love” from a young age and repeat it again and again. We had a lot of dates, relationships, and love experiences, but we almost always learned only from our mistakes. In the best case, we focused on the experience of friends or advice from the Internet. But more often we
checked the strength of our hearts personally. We don’t know what a good and right relationship should look like. This has not been taught in schools. As a result, in love and relationships, we feel confused. So, how to find real love?

1.    Don’t strive to find it 
Even if you are tired of loneliness, and your main dream is to find a soulmate, you shouldn’t look for a potential spouse in every person. Love is such a wonderful feeling, which comes unexpectedly. And, most often, it can be met without expecting it at all. So, don’t start a single women search. https://vavadating.com/ Just take your time.

2.    Make a portrait of your perfect partner
Write in a notebook the features of your ideal partner. Of course, you shouldn’t get involved in positive aspects, as focusing on them; you can turn your search into an impossible dream. Note the estimated age of the partner, the circle of interests, and so on. It is important to determine the negative sides with which you can reconcile, and traits that are unacceptable to you. Such a thing will allow you not only to precisely determine your desires but also become a motivation for development.

3.    Look at actions, not words
Everything looks good, kind, and caring in words. But how do you feel about it? Are your feelings respected? Look at actions, not words. The best relationship is when you feel love and not just hear about it in words.

4.    Be yourself
How to find your love? Initially, this is not so simple. But for the chances to increase, you must always be sincere and natural.  LINK: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/30-tips-you-can-use-approach-anyone.html Starting communication with a representative of the opposite sex, you must be what you are by nature. Don’t come up with an unusual image. Falsity can attract the same falsity. And true love can’t grow on deception. Having become acquainted with a person, be yourself, and this will turn into reciprocity.

5.    Talk more
People can often be attracted to each other, and over time, their feelings can develop into relationships. But sometimes this is far from love. And a sudden outbreak of feeling can end as unexpectedly as it began. That is why it is very important to talk more with each other. So you can find out the interests, tastes, and preferences of a person. This is very important since true love develops from all of these bricks.

6.    Pay attention to compatibility
When you are not physiologically compatible, then the relationship will not work out. In love, everything should be burning, and not smoldering. Attraction and intimacy are important components of a relationship. LINK: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/enlightened-living/201001/ten-elements-effective-relationships

7.   Develop
Loneliness is not always a negative moment in life because it is a good time to work on yourself. This approach will be a good way to find true love. Self-development will benefit any person and it can also mentally strengthen a person. You should work on your beliefs and this can lead to positive changes in life. It is always worth starting with positive thoughts and emotions, and only with this attitude, can you achieve the desired success.

8.    Get out of your comfort zone
People constrained by their comfort zone very often have a boring life. By this expression we mean a life where every new day is no different from the previous day. Monotony can’t keep up with happiness; therefore, you need to get rid of it. Doing nothing, you are unlikely to succeed.



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