How to Maintain Your Running Shoes in 6 Easy Steps

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Even though running shoes don’t need much maintenance, preserving their quality depends on properly taking care of them. Your running shoes should always be in great condition since people will see you sporting them through kilometers of activities, triumphs, and races.

Maintaining a pair of trainers isn’t always on the to-do list, but doing so can extend their lifespan and save you bucks.

Tips on Keeping Your Running Shoes in Good Condition

A good pair of shoes is the most vital item in your jogging gear. Popular styles range from those made to withstand extended hours on the treadmill to lightweight models optimized for speed on race day. Runners should be maintained by proper cleaning and storage regardless of the brand. 

Here are a few tips for your running shoes:

1. Keep them dry

Running in the rain, on a flooded route, or even working up a good sweat can result in wet feet and shoes. Wet shoes tend to smell and feel disgusting. With that said, be sure to clean and dry it to allow the foam to decompress before using the shoes again.

Take off the insole and place the shoes somewhere they can air dry. Stuffing the shoes with cloth or paper is a quick and easy technique to dry your running shoes. Take off the paper or towel once dry.

2. Avoid putting your running shoes through the washer and dryer

There’s nothing worse than ruined running shoes after surfing on the washer and dryer. Damage to the glues diminishes the shoes’ durability and may weaken the net and stitches. Inevitably, this will cause your running shoes to break down or provide less support than expected.

3. Make sure your running shoes are properly stored

The best way to maintain the quality of your running shoes is to keep them in a clean, room-temperature location. Store your running shoes away from direct sunshine to prevent the soles and other white parts from becoming discolored due to oxidation. To avoid the growth of germs, you shouldn’t store your running shoes in a sealed container, such as a box or bag.

4. Maintaining a clean pair of running shoes is a must

The rubber inside the sole of the shoes will degrade over time if you don’t clean them, and you’ll be spreading germs across town as a result. Running every day means you won’t be able to thoroughly clean your shoes after every run since they need to dry and rest more for the next run. That’s why it’s essential to know your typical jogging schedule and include shoe cleaning into your habit. 

To maintain cleanliness, extensive cleaning should be performed on days off. Most types of running shoe materials may be repaired using simple kits. You may also use wipes to wash them and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. 

They’ll be great for a fast rinse after a run to remove any lingering dirt and grime before they have a chance to embed themselves in your footwear. If you need to quickly get into your vehicle after finishing a trail run, they will come in helpful for keeping the inside clean.

5. Switch between several pairs of shoes for your workouts

Shoes, like people, require days off to recharge, much like everyone else’s body. Foam needs to cure and expand after being squashed. You may give your first pair of shoes a “break” while you wear your second pair. Your shoes will last longer if you give them a rest every other day or so.

More so, using two pairs of shoes that are somewhat different from one another will help you tone up your feet.

6. Use it for running and nothing else

Despite how amazing your running shoes are, using them for more than just your morning jog will eventually wear them out. Keep in mind that shoes need downtime. If you like your running shoes, you should invest in two pairs—one for jogging and one for everyday use. With a backup pair, you can keep your social shoes in pristine condition while your workout ones last longer. And if you use shoe inserts in all your shoes, is also a good idea to keep more than one pair. 

Run a Lap

Take care of your running shoes the same way you do for yourself. You must know how to care for and clean your shoes properly. Since it might be costly to replace them, it is sensible to give them the maintenance they need to retain their sparkle and freshness for as long as possible.

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