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How To Make Your Custom Graduation Announcements Stand Out

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Creating graduate announcements can be a whole lot of fun. If you’re a soon-to-be grad or family member of someone about to graduate from high school or college and looking for a creative way to get the word out, the great news is that there are a few easy ways to make your grad announcement stand out from the crowd. Whether you hope to use your announcement as an invitation or are planning on a yard sign, magnet, or something bigger, there are many ways to show off your sense of style and self in your grad announcement. For a few things to consider when working to make your graduation announcement stand out, read on.

Being Original

One of the best ways to make your custom graduation announcements stand out is to use a fantastic and professional service like Mixbook where you can use templates that show off your unique personality and style. These templates will allow you to show off who you are, your high school or college achievements, and where you intend to go in the future. At the same time, don’t let the word template fool you.

Just because Mixbook uses template pages and designs to make your graduation announcement look professional, it doesn’t mean that all announcements are the same. Instead, you can upload quotes, messages of inspiration, and alter designs as you see fit to give your invitation or announcement that personalized and original look you’re after.

Soliciting Ideas From Classmates

One of the great things about being original is that it means you and your friends can share the experience of creating graduation announcements together. Just because you’re graduating on the same day or have the same good news to share with the world doesn’t mean your announcements need to look the same. Instead, consider coming up with a theme for your announcement and party and sticking to it when you design your custom announcement.

Stuck on ideas? Ask a friend what they’re planning. While you’ll want to do something different, sharing ideas and asking people who know you best to help you come up with an original announcement is a great way to stand out from the crowd while staying connected to your friends and support system. Your friends will know the perfect way you can express yourself in your announcements and you can return the favor for them, too.

Giving It Your Best Shot

If you’re like most people and have no real design experience, you may be worried that your best effort won’t be enough to pull off the perfect graduation announcement but that’s far from true. In using Mixbook, you’ll have those template guides and customer service to fall back on if you get stuck with your design. Instead of worrying about whether or not your announcement will come out the way you want it to, try to focus on the message you want to send to the people who will receive your announcement. You’ll want your personality to show off to make your announcement as original as possible.

In the end, no matter how you plan to share this huge milestone, showing off your personality, being original, and trying something new is a great way to announce your big news and even invite friends and family to your graduation festivities. With the help of Mixbook’s templates, you’ll be one step closer to a graduation announcement your friends and family will get a kick out of that shows off your unique personality. Best of luck to you as you move toward the future. Have a fantastic graduation day and remember to party safe!



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