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How to Start Your Own Brewery in Myrtle Beach

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Myrtle Beach is well known for its charm of unique beers and exceptional breweries so starting one here is a great idea. No doubt, the brewing industry is a highly profitable industry to start a business and the rewards are well worth it. However, starting your brewery can be a real challenge. To help you launch a successful brewery, we’ve put together a list of practical steps and tips.

First, you need a solid Brewery Business Plan.

Starting a brewery is a great business idea but it can quickly turn sour if you don’t know what you’re doing. Putting together a brewery business plan guides you through the process and serves as a roadmap. Some of the things to include are your brewery concept, business structure, and financial status (costs).

What kind of Brewery? 

The next step is deciding on a concept for your brewery. There are different types of breweries and you need to know what kind you are looking to start. Do you want an area beer bar, Brewpub, Nano Brewery, Microbrewery, Taproom Brewery, Regional Brewery, or Contract Brewing Companies?

Determine the Cost of Starting a Brewery

This is arguably the most important step and determines whether your brewery is going to boom or flop. Knowing exactly what your brewery needs and the cost is important. The best course of action would be to draft out the costs of all you need.

To get a detailed brewery costing, you will need to create a brewery costing spreadsheet. Most businesses start out using google sheets however, this isn’t the most ideal choice.

Now, every business owner’s dream is to have a thriving business but this means more workload and google sheets might not get the work done. 

Look for Specialist Software Solutions 

Investing in a specialist software solution from the start would ensure your business runs smoothly. Ollie is a reliable brewery management system built by brewers for brewers and a great alternative to Google sheets.

Next, Acquire Brewery Funding and Licenses 

You can’t start a Brewery without funds and certainly can’t open up to the public without getting your liquor permits. 

Brewery Funding

The growing popularity of breweries has transformed this modest industry into a very profitable one and keeps drawing more people to the brewery industry, including investors. Some of the ways to raise money for your business include self-funding, loans, or crowdfunding.

Liquor Licenses

Starting a brewery isn’t final until you get your permits and licenses. You will need to apply for a liquor license and depending on your needs, you can either apply for a limited license or a full license.

Final Steps

Choose a Brewery Location

Myrtle Beach is a business haven that attracts both locals and tourists and is one of the best places to start your brewery in the country. 

Buy Brewery Equipment

A brewery certainly needs brewery equipment. The equipment you need and the cost depend on your brewery’s concept, needs, and preference. 

Create a Menu

The secret to creating a menu is to put together a balanced list with a variety of beers your customers can choose from. Consider including at least one of the types of beers on the menu. Also, don’t forget to create a list of great foods that go with beer.

Advertise Your Brewery

You might need to run ads to get the word out that there’s a new brewery in town. You can invest in listings sites or local blogs to advertise your business. 

Now that you have all these in place, you’re ready to open your doors to the world and welcome your first set of customers. If you’re a first-time brewer, this guide would help you get started on the right track. 

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