Is Myrtle Beach dangerous?

Homeless Man Sleeps Downtown Oceanfront

While the City of Myrtle Beach was ranked once again as one of the most dangerous cities in America for 2021, not all areas of the city are dangerous.

Please note that Myrtle Beach makes up only 11 miles of the entire 60 mile area that is known as the Grand Strand. Cities that include Surfside Beach, Pawleys Island, and North Myrtle Beach are considered among the safest in the nation.

Tourists are advised to be guarded around the areas of Ocean Boulevard, Chester Street, Flagg Street, and Yaupon Drive after 9 p.m. when staying in the city of Myrtle Beach. These streets are all located downtown around and adjacent to the area of Joe White Avenue.

Guests who choose to stay beyond 50th Avenue North can expect no issues with crime.

Market Common is another family friendly area in the City of Myrtle Beach. Market Common features shopping, dining, Savannah’s Playground, and great local bars. It is one of the safest areas in South Carolina.

Downtown Myrtle Beach does have a large homeless population. Locals and city leaders alike say this adds to the high crime in the downtown areas.

Myrtle Beach is only dangerous should you or your children remain in the areas near Joe White Avenue and Ocean Boulevard after 9 p.m.