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Is Reputation Site Nothing More Than An Online Hostage Taker?

Mylife.com is a data aggregation site. The business address for MyLife is 1100 Glendon Ave Floor 7, Los Angeles, CA 90024-3511

Practically any a Google search on any average resident’s name in Horry County features a page one listing from that site in the results. The company charges a fee to help those caught in this reputation spiral manage their MyLife listing.

Are the results accurate and trustworthy, however? MyrtleBeachSC News began receiving complaints from average Horry County residents who stated the site had hurt their opportunities to find work or get local contracts. Turns out, many small firms with limited Human Resource options use the site to screen potential future employees, vendors, and clients.

Vice President Mike Pence’s Biography On MyLife

We searched a for few nationally known and locally well known politicians’ bios and reputation scores on the site. The results for Vice President Mike Pence read:

I am a coward. I traded my faith for more power and I helped enable evil to take over the white house and endanger us all. I am sorry for this. I know we have a mad-hatter for president. I see his craziness everyday. He is unfit for the office. And the Russians are holding something over him, I do not know what. But I can’t bring myself to use the 25th amendment as I should. DT new how to pick a weak vice president who would just say yes to everything he wants. And I make speeches lying for him. It’s very embarrassing I have been fact checked many times by the press and I have been caught repeating the lies he wanted me to say. And I stand behind him and nod my head in approval at everything he says . I look like and old women in a church nodding my head at everything the preacher says. I am sorry I am just weak in spirit. He has some kind of control over me. He might own my soul. You see I thought this would be good for my own career to run as vice president and help my standing in the republican party. But we weren’t suppose to win I thought. I should have followed what Jesus taught me. I am sorry I helped to do this to our country. Don’t be a fool. Don’t vote for us again. don’t vote for any Republican, we are all wrong……………The repetitious number of reviews down below in green, don’t believe it. It is all being made by the same person over and over again everyday and many times per day by just one reviewer. It could possibly be the Russians causing trouble again. But most likely it is that one person who has admitted to having a mental problem and medication that doesn’t work

Despite what people might think of Mike Pence’s politics, few would find the above to be credible for a site that small companies admit to using in screening future hires. Here are a few other examples we pulled:

Is Lindsey Graham’s Biography Slanted?

Russell Fry is a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 106. He is also a local lawyer. Residents we spoke with certainly believe Fry’s reputation is much stronger than a 2.83 out of 5. Do these reviews hurt his practice?
Brown Bethune is Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune’s Husband. 1.88? Is that fair? Brown runs a successful commercial real estate firm in Myrtle Beach. Does this listing hurt his business opportunities?

Alan Clemmons is a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 107. He is also a local real estate lawyer. 2.73 out of 5 reputation score. Are these ratings fair?

Before any of our readers find the above amusing, please note, politicians like Russel Fry, Alan Clemmons, and Brenda Bethune can protect themselves legally.

What about the small business owner or daily worker operating out of Aynor, SC? What remedies does he or she have but to pay MyLife to ensure the data listed on his or her name is accurate?

Here is an example of a MyLife page search for Aynor residents:

Based on what you just read about the Vice President, would you trust the data posted on Bobby Wayne Smith? Sadly, some small business concerns trust this data when making decisions on hiring or contracting hard working Horry County residents.

We reached out to S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson. We made him aware of these findings. We also contacted the owner of MyLife, California resident Jeffery Tinsely.

Note, that while Mylife owner Jeffrey Tinsley lists his ALERT above, he rates his online reputation at 3.70 better than all others listed here, except Bobby Co Smith, Senator Graham and the Vice President.

We asked Mr. Tinsley how his rating system worked and what his methodology was? He declined to answer our repeated emails. We asked him how his online reputation exceeded that of nationally known Reverend Franklin Graham? He did not respond. We reached Tinsley at his @mediapass.com email address. Jeff Tinsley is also the new C.E.O. of MediaPass.com.

If you believe you have been unfairly targeted by MYLIFE.com, email the company at removalrequests@mylife.com

Provide the link of your listing in your email and ask the company to remove your name. We did this. The company promised to remove our listing within 7 to 10 days. However, it was only after we reached out to Attorney General Wilson that our name was actually removed, some 11 days later.



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