Is There Anything You Can Do To Prevent Old-Age Decline?

Old Age

Getting older is just a part of life we like to tell ourselves.

Or is it? 

Well, it certainly is for most people. But there are some individuals who seem to continually defy their age and have just as much energy as they did when they were younger. What’s more, they don’t have to take tablets, and their hearing loss is minimal. What are these people doing that seems to make them so superhuman? 

Let’s find out. 

Don’t Smoke

Fewer and fewer people smoke these days (mainly because there are now so many alternatives). But if you are still smoking, you might want to ditch the habit. Smoking is most famous for damaging the lungs. But it can also adversely affect many other parts of the body, including the brain, heart and kidneys. It also increases your risk of getting cancer elsewhere. 

Keep Engaging With Life

As people get older, many naturally draw themselves back into their shells. They close off from friends and family, which causes problems. It turns out that failing to engage with life is another predictor of decline. When our bodies see no need to continually repair themselves, then they won’t. 

It is critical, therefore, to remain active and both mentally and physically engaged with the rest of the world. Try spending as much time with other people as possible. And test your brain regularly, keeping it busy. 

Get More Sleep

As you get older, you may find getting enough sleep becomes more difficult. This usually happens because of changes in your body’s circadian rhythm. When you hit your fifties and sixties, it becomes less pronounced and so doesn’t send as many signals telling you to go to sleep when it gets late. 

The trick here is to prepare your body for sleep using natural tools. One such tool is pistachio nuts. These are high in melatonin – a sleep chemical that many older people lack. Take a few nuts a couple of hours before you’re due to go to sleep. Ideally, you’ll find drifting off much easier. 

Control Your Blood Sugar

As humans and mammals age, they experience worsening blood sugar control. In the past, researchers thought that this was just a consequence of aging. But now they’re seeing that it is a cause as well. Controlling your blood sugar, therefore, is vital, as it can help stave off decline directly. 

The best way to control blood sugar is to eat a herb-rich, high-fiber diet. Fiber controls the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. And some herbs can actually make insulin work more efficiently, so your pancreas doesn’t need to produce as much of it. 

Be More Active

Lastly, being as physically active as you can can help a great deal. The more you move, the better your overall health will be. 

Please note that you don’t have to exercise to be physically active. You just need to do something that involves being on your feet. Gardening or walking to the store are both great options here.