Jeff Davis Removed From Attending As Greenville GOP Chairman By Leadership

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Sources in Columbia, S.C. are just now confirming that SCGOP leadership have removed Jeff Davis as Greenville County GOP Chairman from attending E.C. state meetings. He can no longer attend state-wide E.C. functions if the SCGOP can enforce such a mandate.

Sources inside the SCGOP stated that three policemen were present escorting Davis from the meeting today. After Davis was removed, HCGOP leaders Tracy Bean Diaz and Roger Slagle left the meeting held in Columbia, S.C.

According to Davis, “I was not escorted from the property. I walked out the back entrance on my own accord.”

Davis was a lead voice in the MYSCGOP movement that toppled elected leaders Randy Page and Stacy Shea last July.

Continual lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, intimidation, threats, bullying, disenfranchisement and character assassination, as promised by the leadership of and Greenville Tea Party do not advance anything positive, much less promote any level of political discourse or change,” three of the county’s then party leaders said in a joint statement released last July.

The statement was signed by then chairwoman Jennifer Black, vice chair Stacy Shea, and executive committeeman Randy Page.

While we have patiently sought resolution, addressed the constant baseless accusations, and always demonstrated transparency and a willingness to move forward, it has been met with barricades at every turn.”

Davis would then go on to be elected Greenville County GOP Chairman after these leaders stepped down. Pressley Stutts, of MYSCGOP, would later die as a result of covid. He was also elected Greenville County Executive Committeeman.

The MYSCGOP group continues to swirl in a variety of controversies. This group was the impetus behind the push to get QANON types in republican leadership state-wide.

Their push for replacing Drew McKissick with lawyer Lin Wood ended when Wood could only manage to get 28% of the vote state-wide.

Wood is now embroiled in a lawsuit with the lawyers of Kyle Rittenhouse over $2 million plus in monies Wood collected, but never forwarded to the Rittenhouse family.

Other key agents in this alt right group include Horry County GOP leaders Tracy Bean Diaz, Roger Slagle and activist Chad Caton.

The energy brought by the collective team at MYSCGOP has been negatively disruptive to all things conservative politics.

Members of the SCGOP have called these efforts an embarrassing circus act, focused on creating chaos and destroying the most conservative members of the S.C. General Assembly.

This group rarely goes after state democrats and focuses most of their attention on right wing elected officials in the state.

Reports from Greenville indicate that Wood, Davis, Lt. General Michael Flynn, and a key Greenville funding source are splintered and fractured in many ways.

It appears that divergent teams are now fractionally forming inside the MYSCGOP movement.

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