Jeff Younger, a speaker featured by Tucker Carlson, on Rep. Carla Schuessler & transgender surgery for children.

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David Hucks
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Jeff Younger, featured on Tucker Carlson, has been fighting the most powerful institutions in America. He has worked to save his son from transgender castration.

Younger is in court right now defending his son’s life. “We can not keep making the same mistakes,” says Younger.

Jeff Younger is concerned about SC Clinics that offer what they call Gender Affirming Care.

Says Jeff Younger, “Medical Clinics in South Carolina were sterilizing and sexually mutilating kids with transgender castration procedures. Shannon Grady took a stand and helped stop it. But Carla Schuessler voted against making it a felony.”

Added Jeff Younger, “And when the South Carolina public rose up in outrage against her, Schuessler changed her vote.” Younger says that Carla Schuessler can’t be trusted to safeguard our kids.

You can hear his words in the full 1 minute 26 second video above.

In January, South Carolina House Republicans battled each other before passing a bill banning gender-transitioning surgeries and hormones for transgender youth.

In a predictable outcome, the House approved the bill 82-23 mostly along party lines. No Republican voted against it. Two Democrats voted for it. Other Democrats did not vote.

S.C. House conservatives in the Freedom Caucus, said the bill doesn’t go far enough. Schuessler and establishment Republicans pushed back against those claims.

According to the Freedom Caucus amendment, school administrators must notify parents immediately of students who claim to be a different gender, or ask to be called any other name other than their legal name, or ask to be addressed differently.

Representative Davey R. Hiott, S.C. House Leader, pushed back that a laws like this are a prime example of why teachers are leaving the profession. As a teacher, you shouldn’t have to worry about reporting to your principal that your children think you’re a different gender just because they ask for different addresses or wear something unusual.

Hiott’s wife is a teacher. The Pickens Republican said he did not want his wife to decide whether a child should be a boy or a girl.

Members of the Freedom Caucus accused him of mischaracterizing the proposal.

“Do not follow the leader off the cliff,” Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Adam Morgan, R-Taylors, said to the Republicans in the chamber.

However, as Democrats who unsuccessfully attempted to remove the section pointed out, the bill provides no enforcement mechanism for preventing teachers from encouraging or coercing students to lie about their gender identity to their parents.

According to the Human Rights Commission, more than 20 states already ban transgender youth procedures.

Children who are too young to understand what is happening to their bodies are protected by the bill, according to its supporters.

“The reality is these avenues of care have consequences that cannot be reversed,” said Freedom Caucus member Rep. R.J. May, R-Lexington.

John McCravy and other Republicans countered that hormonal medications and transitioning can also cause mental health problems. The bill stipulates that it does not stop counseling or other help for children struggling emotionally.

“Nothing in the bill prevents legitimate mental health support,” Republican John Mccravy said.

The compromise bill was brought about because of pushback from candidates including Carla Schuessler.

Jeff Younger supports Shannon Grady for District 61 in Tuesday’s Horry County election.

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