JP Miller’s Attorney responds with mental health error

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David Hucks
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In the probate court filings of Mica Miller’s estate, attorney Shawn Sullivan, Esq., of Winslow Law represents JP Miller. Winslow Law is challenging the appointment of a special administrator. The response also appears to have a key mental health omission.

The sister of Mica Miller, Sierra Francis, had proactively filed with the Horry County Probate Court just six days after Mica’s untimely death on April 27th.

As those following this tragedy will recall, Mica’s estranged husband, JP Miller, his father, and others in his camp have devoted significant energy to convince friends, churchgoers, locals, and the general public, that Mica was ‘mentally ill.’ According to sources, JP Miller’s lawyer, Tom Winslow, had papers signed at the Solid Rock church on December 4th, which were then notarized by his staff one day later. Readers can hear the editors speaking of this hospitalization in the featured video top of this article.

MyrtleBeachSC News reported this signing as illegal. Notaries are required, by law, to be present at the time of signature to avoid fraud.

Was Mica Hospitalized? JP’s Attorney checks the No Box

In documents obtained by FitsNews, Probate Court Attorney Sullivan denied that Mica Miller had been a patient in a mental health facility [see box 6] or that a guardian had ever been appointed by the Court for her.

Box 6 asks: To the best of your knowledge, was the descendent a patient in a non-private State of South Carolina mental health facility during his/her lifetime? Sullivan checks no.

Records show that Mica Miller had, in fact, been “involuntarily” hospitalized – or at least “held” at the Waccamaw Center, a designated state center for mental health from February 8-10, 2024. It is noteworthy, however, that in Attorney Regina Ward’s filings in Horry County Family Court, she indicated that the two had separated approximately 2 days prior to the documented hospitalization.

The Francis family is currently being represented by T. Jarrett Bouchette.

Why Mica Miller’s Hospitalization for Mental Health Is Critical

Checking the appropriate box goes to a litany of court related issues.

  • Credibility – if estranged husband, JP Miller, via his designated attorney is admitting that she was never *actually* a patient, their narrative around suicide related to mental illness unravels.
  • Intent – if someone, i.e., an estranged spouse, wanted a person restrained while she/he rummaged through his/her belongings, being detained at Waccamaw Center with security akin to a criminal detention facility, would certainly be effective.
  • Motive – if the goal of a hospitalization of Mica was anything other than the best interests for her, additional scrutiny would certainly be indicated for her husband.
  • Timeline – if a divorce was imminent, as certainly appeared to be the case, having one’s spouse committed for mental health would place the metaphorical ball squarely in the other’s court, providing a significant advantage in pending litigation.
  • Weaponization of authorities – if a spouse who would seek to weaponize a community resource designed to stabilize crises, it is likely that s/he would also commandeer, if not puppeteer, court proceedings.

Did SC Statutes Protect Mica from a Wrongly Executed “Mental Health Hold”

South Carolina law has extensive provisions to prevent someone from being institutionalized against his/her will for anything other than legitimate indications. The appointment of an attorney, a formal hearing, and other safeguards exist to protect South Carolinians from an ill-intentioned commitment.

In a video produced before her death, Mica claims she was admitted against her will.

HIPAA – Protected Documents Likely Hold Answers

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has made it nearly impossible to get protected medical information, and rightfully so. However, in a situation with so many questions hinging on Mica’s mental state, the value of objective, timely evidence of what this young wife was experiencing around the time of her death cannot be overstated.

Advocates in the domestic violence community have expressed well-placed concern that Mica’s demise was likely the result of what she was experiencing in her marriage.

Though JP Miller has staunchly denied any maltreatment of Mica during their marriage, The father of Mica Miller has come forward with statements about forced threesomes among other abuses.

This case will have a hearing on June 5th.

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