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Horry County's Key Influencer Is Carolina Forest

Key Influencer – Carolina Forest


The Sun News reports that positive changes in Myrtle Beach oceanfront access parking for county residents may be just ahead.

Myrtle Beach Mayor Elect, Brenda Bethune, has stated publicly that she wants to open a dialogue with county officials and key voices in the county to work out a new beach access parking arrangement.   “I have said it before that we need to sit back down and I need a better understanding on how and why the decisions were made,” Bethune told the Sun News yesterday.

From an unorganized, start up, grass roots core in 2016, the group Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe is now a key influencing voice in Horry County. This Facebook page was one of the central places voters seeking information on Myrtle Beach city offices turned to during this election cycle.  The group now stands at 8,400 active members.


Make Myrtle Beach Clean Safe
Traditional Group Banner Changes From Issue To Issue

Members of Myrtle Beach City Council, Horry County Council, and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce have not yet fully grasped the golden opportunity that this group provides.  When it comes to key online influencers impacting Horry County’s future economy, this group is the mother-load.

Brand Marketing experts that MyrtleBeachSC.com has spoken with over the past few months agree that online influencers are the key component in today’s marketing world. Influencers tell the brand’s story better than the brand can itself.


While the grass roots group can feature heated discussions inside their page, for the most part, the group has moved forward as one unit.

In 2016, Golden Mile parking was not even something the city of Myrtle Beach was willing to discuss with the county.  The group, however, got active.  With three of the four incumbents now not returning to Myrtle Beach city offices in 2018, the message has been heard.


The true reason for the group’s success however, is its willingness to work together under its core leadership.  While some may disagree with certain leaders, the group has allowed honest dialogue among its members.  When dealing with county leaders or city of Myrtle Beach leaders, the group has always shown a willingness to compromise.

Several key voices inside the group say that all beach access parking should be entirely free.  Last year, the city of Myrtle Beach said county residents could buy a parking decal, but not park anywhere along the Golden Mile.

It appears the new Mayor, the incoming council, and the county are heading for a compromise that everyone should be able to live with.




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