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Learning From Those Who Leverage Business, Politics, Government, and Education

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David Huckshttps://myrtlebeachsc.com
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com
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It appears that Horry County and the City of Myrtle Beach were unable to negotiate the necessary settlement needed to avoid I-73’s Hospitality Lawsuit from heading to the S.C. Supreme Court tomorrow.

We told you about those mediated negotiations, which were held last week, in a previous article. Unless a last minute deal can be worked out tonight, the Supreme Court will hear the case tomorrow.

Those previous articles in this series can be found at these links below:

  1. Billionaire insider behind the Myrtle Beach Area future “Big Flip” plan
  3. I-73: Kiawah Resort owner will “cash in” when right-of-way is purchased
  4. I-73 Swampland Owner Has Local Land Ties To U.S. Congressman


The idea our founding fathers had for representative government was that elected officials represent residents (us).

The key systems we count on and trust daily are: our elected officials, our government bureaucracy, properly regulated (“Free Enterprise”) business, higher education, and the media.

Why are all of these independently losing the trust of average Americans?

In 1860’s France, Charles Baudelaire said something that translates in English to: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

If a group can collectively leverage all of the above, that group can work to continually change history for its own purposes.


First off, MyrtleBeachSC News has nothing against Mr. Goodwin Jr.

We have written dozens of articles such as this one series. This situation is certainly not a “one off” collusive effort. This happens daily, weekly and monthly in S.C.


Institute of Responsible Development
Higher Education, Business, Media, Government, Politicians all working as one

MyrtleBeachSC News broke that story as well. We were called conspiracy nuts by those business leaders, politicians, CCU leaders, and local government.

Meanwhile, here is how Local T.V. WPDE covered that story: New center to study development, growth underway in Horry County

The Institute for Responsible Development, a proposed name, would be a center at Coastal Carolina University that would study development and growth, according to Eddie Dyer, who proposed the initial idea.

“I just put the idea out there after things like International Drive happened where there were two sets of facts being looked at and different opinions,” he said. “We want to be objective with development and have data-driven information, and the place to do that is at CCU…because the professors can’t be fired for rendering an opinion.”


Folks, you have these idiots like MyrtleBeachSC News out there telling you that unplanned growth will harm us. The smart folks at CCU are now working with the real estate industry and a few key players to get the official facts out to you.


SuperBlock properties will house CCU Student classes

We wrote you ongoing concerning how the City of Myrtle Beach harassed downtown merchants in an area called the SuperBlock. The city ultimately purchased a large section of the Superblock after driving small merchants out of business. Lawsuits are still being sorted on this debacle.

Who is moving in?

As WPDE wrote in Dec. 2019: CCU Brings A Performing Arts Center to Downtown Myrtle Beach

“It will bring people downtown and that’s what we need to bring other people downtown. It’s kind of a nuclear effect, you start a chain reaction if you will. Coastal Carolina University will occupy that space on a regular basis with their theater and their performing arts classes that’ll bring students and faculty and attendees to the downtown area. They’ll go to the coffee shops and the other businesses that spring up downtown so it really will help multiply all the growth,” said Myrtle Beach City Public Information Officer Mark Kruea.

Why would CCU risk putting 18 year old students in a section of downtown where a stabbing at the Chemist restaurant occurred just last night? This is a known high crime district.


Remember Mayor Brenda Bethune’s meltdown when MyrtleBeachSC News wrote this story.

Ocean Boulevard section to be converted to foot traffic only

Why was she so upset?

We wrote:

The meetings,  called “Walkability Studies” involve an Oceanfront Margaritaville Hotel being developed on the former site of the old Myrtle Beach Pavilion.

Sources inside the city tell us that the largest Myrtle Beach oceanfront property management firm will be involved in the hotel which will be located on Burroughs and Chapin land.

Sources also state that the investment group has refused to close the deal unless that portion of Ocean Boulevard is entirely closed to all traffic, except foot traffic.

Several existing Margaritaville Hotels are casino hotels.

In our article we said the deal would include the group Brittain Resort Hotels (as part of the management team) on B&C former pavillion land. We stated that a law called the Coastal Casino act, placed in the Senate by Todd Rutherford, would need to pass for the hotel to become a casino hotel.

When WMBFnews wrote this: A Margaritaville hotel in the Grand Strand – nothing was said refuting their article by anyone in government. This WMBF article was never called “Fake News”. Our article was.


What that deal needs is a billionaire investor to make all the pieces fall in place. Who could that be?

Any of you heard about Senator Tim Scott’s Investment Tax Credits? Mayor Bethune told the press Myrtle Beach has more properties near the ocean available for these credits than any other place in America.

Have local business, Higher Education, local government and local politicians courted Mr. Goodwin Jr.?

They certainly have paid him millions of our highway tax dollars.


William H. Goodwin Jr. plays the long game well

In this series, we pointed out that these deals first originated when Senator Strom Thurmand and Fritz Hollings were in office. Strom Thurmond left office on June 6, 2001 (19 years ago,) Some of these deals are more than 20 years in the making. Billionaires who leverage systems play the long game.

Ask any local media activist his or her three year plan, he can’t tell you. Ask him if he is building coalitions and setting timelines to make this plan possible? Hardly….

Mr. Goodwin’s team has worked well together for 20 plus years. Some local activists will sell out their mother for two seconds of media glory.

I ask you, which team is smart? Which individuals are not?


Every computer programmer knows about If-then algorithyms.  The basic flow is: If some condition is true then do this, otherwise do that.

Billionaires who leverage systems live on If-Then algorithyms and they usually have all the bases covered.

EXAMPLE: If the S.C. General Assembly passes Casino Gambling, Goodwin can go to the Margarittaville folks down in Miami and get a casino hotel built on oceanfront land he has been sitting on for some time in Little River.

IF NOT: He can sell it to a (likely tax payer funded) foundation representing Coastal Carolina for ten times what he paid for it. In that case he comes out looking like a conservation hero.

IF: The casino deal is sweet enough, he can invest in the land downtown Myrtle Beach that city officials have been driving small business owners from.

IF NOT: He can simply “cash in” his swampland when I-73 is built and move on to other long planned government/business colluded interests in some other part of America.


As we mentioned earlier, our founding fathers believed representative government was about elected officials representing residents (us).

ARE THEY DOING THAT? or have all the systems we trust completely sold out primarily to themselves, and secondarily to the likes of Mr. Goodwin Jr.

Remember, it is our tax dollars funding all of these millionaires like TIRD, The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Goodwin Jr.

Often at the gunpoint of government, our officials take what is ours (tax dollars), and hand it over to such private business millionaires as these.

Our source has his own thoughts. Our source writes:

PART 5 – Pure Speculation

So what does all this mean? Who knows? But one can certainly speculate.

Why Little River? What is in Little River?

The SunCruz Aquacasino

This is important for two reasons.

First, the alleged ties between Suncruz, Jack Abramoff, and the Gambino family.

But that kind of allegation will get somebody killed.

I think Suncruz is important because if there is one place in this repressed,
puritanical state where they can say “hey, you don’t mind gambling, you’ve been okay with it for years!” it is directly across from the SunCruz dock in Little River.

Which is exactly where Ol’Swampy, the CEF, the Boyce clan, and Little Island Company own all that land free and clear.

In 2017, representative Todd Rutherford introduced legislation to amend the SC Constitution and put a casino in Horry County, along the border of North Carolina border.

Go look at a map of Horry County.

Do you think they were thinking about Green Sea or Loris as the next casino resort?

Or are they looking at an isolated, ocean front parcel, set apart from the mainland, where they can build a luxury resort with a casino to boot?

Part of Rutherford’s selling point was that the revenue from the casino could pay for SC Roads. Heard that one before?

You know, like I-73.

But the map shows an awful lot of protected wetlands down in Little River.

How will they ever be allowed to build down there?
Back to this 2018 WMBFnews Article: Land purchase could help fund other projects in Horry County

Mitigation Land Purchased From William H. Goodwin Jr.

WMBFnews wrote:

The land is 3,700 acres and council member Johnny Vaught said Horry County’s intention with buying the land is to set up a mitigation bank. A mitigation bank is somewhere credits can be established after the county buys the land and begins restoring wetlands and preserves the area.

Those credits can be applied to another project in that same area the land was purchased. According to Vaught, typically mitigation credits can range anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 each, but Vaught said with this purchase of land, the county could only be paying around $3,400 per credit.

Remember the Clean Water Act Mitigation Bank Mr. Lazarus talked about on the Buist tract?

You see, the way it works is that you take damaged wetlands and restore them or enhance them. That gives you a mitigation credit that you can use to remove or damage other wetlands.

Kind of like a tit-for-tat, quid pro quo kind of thing.

So, again this is pure speculation, but it sure does seem convenient that Horry County purchased the Buist Tract for the purpose of forming a mitigation bank.

That will work out great when either the I-73 project, another Ride Project or the casino gets approved for Little River.

If it’s Little River, they will need to start removing the wetlands on the Little River peninsula and the credits would apply.



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