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Letter to the Editor – Cindy Sarvis,  Horry County Resident


Some locals say Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes came to the Beach for a party back in 1969.   For him, the party  just never ended.

I don’t personally know John, but I have followed his and the city’s antics here on the pages of MyrtleBeachSC.com.

The mayor can’t seem to see that parking fees are a tax.  A regressive tax that keeps people from visiting and shopping in Myrtle Beach.

Like the downtown area, and city council,  the mayor represents a tired and bygone era.   Both he and city council are as dated as the Emerald Shores, the Rainbow Court, and other properties that he, himself, wants to do away with.

1969 was a great year,  but so is 2016.  Wayne Gray, Randal Wallace, and Mayor Rhodes represent a couple of strong arm corporations that want to keep Myrtle Beach tied to that past.  Each tired,  yet none of them are willing to retire themselves for the betterment of the city and the county.   An old facade and a worn out, old  city council can do nothing but continue to keep Myrtle Beach on its current, downward spiral.

Ofcourse,  Brad Dean of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber is just another relic of the same rigged business systems.   The practice of manipulating people through corporate “paid” media and misinformation are methods that the public will no longer tolerate.    Drunk on the power of over $20 million annually of our tax dollars,  this Chamber of Commerce continues to under-perform as compared to its rival in North Myrtle Beach.  The NMB Chamber works with less than 10% of the same dollars the MBACC gets.   The TDF are tax dollars thrown down an empty well.

Myrtle Beach Hey Day
An Era Past

Myrtle Beach,  get your act together and rid our county of these old, tired, insider puppets.

Horry County residents should NOT have to pay for parking so that Myrtle Beach can stay stuck in the 1960s.  End this Tourist Tax,  clean up your beaches, and disband this DRC.

Free Parking will bring in local day trippers,  like me,  and free the city from the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation.   While this might upset Burroughs and Chapin,  remember,  that firm has its roots right here in our downtown Conway.   County residents can certainly come together to ensure that their venues at Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, and Coastal Grande Mall are completely boycotted.

Myrtle Beach didn’t lose its way without some help.   It is time to put back Free Parking – CITY WIDE.   It is also time to create freedom for the downtown merchants that are currently under the thumb of this murky strong arm organization called the DRC.

If for no other reason,  FREE PARKING should be established so we can end the DRC and create a better city of Myrtle Beach for all.


Cindy Sarvis

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