Letter To The Editor – Taxes & Parking Fees


North Myrtle Beach

Letter to the Editor – Bob Pisani,   Carolina Forest Resident

Once upon a time Robin Hood and his Merry Men stole from the rich to give to the poor to pay the onerous taxes imposed on the serfs by Prince John. Today we have “ROBBING HOOD” and “METER MAID MARIAN” taxing the poor to give to PRINCE BRAD and the rich BEACH BARONS on the MBACC. Sorry, but the 1% sales tax is NOT a TOURIST tax. It is a 24/7/365 sales tax on LOCAL NON-RESIDENT & RESIDENT SERFS who support the MB businesses every day, especially when the tourists leave.

The city has given the MBACC over $120 million since the tax was imposed without a voter referendum. Who benefits from this sales tax on the local SERFS? Supposedly it’s the city residents who get a property tax reduction. But, they only get dimes while the MBACC gets dollars – millions of them – and they still have to pay the sales tax.

Who are the real beneficiaries? (1) It’s the Beach Barons of the MBACC who own the multimillion dollar, profit-making hotel and tourist businesses because their advertising expenses are being paid for by us – the SERFS. (2) It’s the fat cats on Ocean Boulevard who own the million dollar mansions whose property taxes are being reduced by the sales taxes the county SERFS pay. Yes, the same fat cats who gladly take the SERFS money and get free parking decals but don’t want us SERFS parking for free at their beach!

The sales tax and parking fees are a regressive tax and a plague on retirees living on a fixed income, young families, high school & college kids and low income earners. Let us follow the example in Exodus 9:1 and visit a plagues of boycotts on the Pharaohs of Myrtle Beach. Let ‘em eat sand!

Bob Pisani