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Liquid Compost Alleviates Patchy Grass

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Turf health is a major concern for most homeowners. With the help of soil aeration and liquid compost, residents can keep their lawns healthy and pest free. Many Myrtle Beach area yards have soil consisting of nutrient depleted sand and sandy loam.

Local expert Todd Stephenson told MyrtleBeachSC News,  “We take nutrient depleted sand, sandy loam and problem dirt, perform core aeration, providing liquified compost which alleviates patchy grass, allows deep rooting, and eliminates pests.  It’s like nirvana for plants,” Todd Stepehnson, Top Hat Plant And Turf Services, Inc.


Core soil aeration is a process that involves using humic acids to decompose thatch and turn it into soil, improving organic matter. Thatch is a layer of dead plant material that accumulates in the soil and surface over time.  This process loosens compacted soil, and creates air spaces in the soil, which helps to improve turf health by providing it with more oxygen and water.

Core Aeration allows turf experts to create holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots.

Liquid compost is an effective way to fertilize your lawn without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. It not only adds nutrients but also improves the soil quality by adding organic matter.  Liquified compost is simply compost that has been turned into a liquid form for more convenient use. It’s made by grinding up organic materials, adding water, and letting it ferment.

Before starting any treatment a horticultural consultation is best to take any guesswork out of improving your plants, garden or lawn. Top Hat provides a service that helps homeowners evaluate issues affecting their lawns. Top Hat offers consultation services for soil quality, plant selection, and design.

Soil quality is important because it helps determine how plants grow and how well they grow. Poor soil quality can lead to stunted growth or death of the plant. A horticultural consultation offers soil testing services to determine the pH level of your soil as well as any nutrient deficiencies.

Pest control refers to methods used to reduce or eliminate pests from an area. There are many different types of pest control depending on what type of pest a professional may find during your consultation. Best methods for how to eliminate those pests will be used. Pests can be eliminated through mechanical means, chemical means, biological means, or physical means.

When it comes to treating your plants or lawn, blindly experimenting on different types of solutions most often only creates increased problems.   

Finding a soil aeration and soil quality expert in the field of turf health will be your best and first option. 



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