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John e Bonsignor
John e Bonsignor

Local Activist Supports Mark Lazarus

Local T.V. personality and activist Jon Bonsignor endorses Mark Lazarus in the coming June 12th primary for Horry County Council Chairman.  Bonsignor hosts a local T.V. show along with Paul Gable.  Gable is a journalist who writes for Grand Strand Daily.  Gable is a friend of this news site and has previously contributed articles that we have featured.   Gable supports Lazarus’ opponent, local Attorney Johnny Gardner.
Written by John e Bonsignor


Glory be…Happy times are here again, they will continue to beat with a rhythm of success at the helm of County Chairman Mark Lazarus.
The never happy crowd, will never give an inch of praise to Mark for doing a good job, they will complain, complain, complain on their merry way to gloom and doom… President Donald TRUMP faces similar situations as the ole merchants of negativism combat him; 

I hold no grudge for the individual(s) with opposite points of view, BUT for heaven sake… when good news comes along, be a sport and acknowledge it; even Grumpy the character in Disney’s Snow White at times said a good word or two. My good friend and colleague Paul Gable who co-host Talking Politics with me, we have our many differences of opinions; the major one at this time is Chairman Lazarus; I support 100% the chairman, whereas Paul seems to take an opposing view… but being it what it is, Paul is a friend, but a misguided one when it comes to Mark… On the issue of the 3,700 acres preserved for conservation in Carolina Forest the funds for the purchase came from the revenue left over from Ride 2, whose funds can only be used for roads and not public safety; plus the land preserved is for perpetuity, and  can’t be developed, this is a brilliant move… It will conserve the ecology, environment,  habitat for animals, and other essentials of Mother Nature’s prowess. The Chairman extensively explained his and the County Councils reasoning of the importance of this preservation buy; for some people, no matter how the purchase has been debated, it falls on deaf ears, with the refrain being the county squandered money, which is false, false, false…Anyone wanting to know more on this purchase you can question, learn and hear the reasoning by Chairman Lazarus, as he holds a Meet & Greet at Angelo’s Steak & Pasta Restaurant 2311 S Kings Hwy (Hwy 17 bus S) on Wednesday, May 23 from 4:30 to 7 PM…


As we know talk and promises, come cheap and most don’t materialize… However, when Mark makes such pronouncements they come to past.. remember his litter program. picking up trash along the County’s highways, making our beautiful landscape a garbage dump; Lazarus took action establishing a litter patrol going out to collect debris, paper, litter from Horry County’s major highway;  the litter patrol picked up tons and tons of garbage.. In the 2018 budget funds for the patrol will be increased to collect litter along secondary roads; a necessary feat to keep Horry clean and beautiful, thanks to Chairman Lazarus. 
In recent posts on social media, the Chairman has been roasted mercilessly with grossly fabricated stories, outlandish rumors, and just plain lies… Public Officials are fair game in combating such smut; glaring distortions, and a whole lot of campaign propaganda; and public Officials, can do very little legally by attacking such smut; this is why the voting public MUST do their due diligence in finding out the facts and truth of such murderous slander…
Chairman Lazarus is the perfect leader to be at the helm of the County legislature for the next four (4) years, he has accomplished alot… such as: infrastructure projects i.e roads, beach renourishment; building 4 new Fire Stations, state of the art fire equipment; pay raises; hurricane preparedness; flood plans; MB International airport improvements; bringing in Industry with good paying jobs etc. and Lazarus has been a wonder in getting government back on track, listening to the residents and again of being a servant of the people and not their masters..
A quick Note on the Lazarus family… Jack and Bonnie Mark’s Mom and Dad have been an integral part of the Grand Strand for years; they raised a family in Horry, ran a successful family business and as locals they contributed greatly to the community activities, via philanthropy, charitable work, civic endeavors and much more… Helen his wife is Marks rock of Gibraltar, a good Mother of 3 children; the family Tiger protector, and an all round sweetheart to all… 
John e Bonsignor



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