London’s River Adventures: 6 Exciting Ways to Explore the Thames

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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London’s River Thames is one of the most iconic waterways in the world, meandering through England’s capital city and providing a picturesque backdrop for some of its top attractions. There are countless ways to explore this majestic river, from historical landmarks to stunning views. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for an exciting adventure on London’s famous waterway.

1. Enjoy a Majestic Dinner Cruise on the Thames River

Immerse yourself in the beauty of London’s skyline as you enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise on the Thames River. Book your ticket from and enjoy a delicious meal as you overlook the city’s iconic landmarks. This experience will leave you with unforgettable memories as you take in stunning views of some of London’s top landmarks while indulging in delicious food and drinks.

Step aboard one of the many elegant riverboats and get ready to set sail down the Thames. As your boat glides through the water, take in iconic sights such as Tower Bridge, The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Big Ben. These landmarks are even more magnificent than the river’s tranquil waters.

2. Wander Through Victoria Tower Gardens

Victoria Tower Gardens is a peaceful oasis nestled alongside the River Thames, next to the Houses of Parliament. It’s an ideal spot for anyone looking for fresh air and a bit of nature in the heart of London.

The gardens are steeped in history and culture, featuring several monuments and memorials commemorating important figures from British history. One such monument is the Buxton Memorial Fountain, erected in 1865 to celebrate the abolition of slavery.

Visitors can also stroll along the riverbank path or relax on one of the many benches scattered throughout the park. And if you’re lucky enough to visit during springtime, you’ll be treated to stunning displays of flowers and blooming trees.

3. Explore Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is one of the most iconic buildings in London and is home to the UK Parliament. This is the place to visit if you want to learn more about British politics.

A great way to explore Westminster is by taking a walking tour. You can discover the history and significance behind these famous attractions with an experienced guide who will take you on a journey through time.

Another option is to explore Westminster by boat. A river cruise along the Thames offers stunning views of these historic sites from a unique perspective. You’ll be able to see them in all their glory as you glide past them on your journey downriver.

If you’re interested in art or culture, visit Tate Britain while in Westminster. This museum houses some of Britain’s most significant artworks, including pieces from Turner and Constable.

4. Visit Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of London’s most popular tourist destinations. This prestigious palace is home to Queen Elizabeth II and many other royal family members. You can take a guided tour or explore it independently, but reserve tickets in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

Some of the highlights of a visit to Buckingham Palace include seeing the Changing of the Guard, visiting the Royal Mews, and admiring the extensive gardens. You can also explore the neighboring Royal Palace of Windsor.

5. Take a trip to the Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of London’s most iconic attractions. This fortress was built in the 11th century and served as the royal palace and prison for many kings and queens over the centuries. It’s now a museum open to the public, and you can explore it on your own or take a guided tour. Highlights of a Tower tour include exploring the Bloody Tower, infamous for its gruesome history, and seeing the Crown Jewels.

The London Eye is one of London’s most popular attractions. This giant Ferris wheel offers an amazing view of the city from a height of more than 320 meters (1,050 feet). You can ride the London Eye in minutes or visit it during one of its open hours.

6. Explore the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one of London’s most popular museums. This grand building is full of fascinating exhibits about the natural world, from dinosaurs to primates. It’s open daily from 9 am to 5:30 pm, and you can visit it on your own or take a guided tour.

You can also explore the gardens adjacent to the museum. These gardens are home to various animals, including lions and tigers, and they’re open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Exploring the river Thames is a unique and unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss while visiting London. Whether it’s a dinner cruise, a walk through Victoria Tower Gardens, or exploring the iconic landmarks of Westminster, there are endless ways to enjoy this majestic river. From its rich history to breathtaking views, the Thames offers something for everyone. Whatever adventure you choose, bring your sense of wonder and curiosity as you explore London’s most famous waterway.

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