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Rhodes and Lazarus
Lazarus traveled to China with former Mayor John Rhodes

Mayor Rhodes Headed Back To China

Flight plans obtained through  a freedom of information request show  “Mayor Rhodes headed back to China.”

Chinese Investors Myrtle Beach
Chinese Owners Kang Zou, Chun Lan Li and Shi Lin Zou pictured at the now closed Black Bear Golf Course Photo Courtesy of Sun News

Mayor Rhodes Headed Back To China – 10 Day September Trip


Mayor Rhodes leaves on September 6th for a flight  to Yinchuan, China. His plane will arrive the morning of September 7th.  The Mayor will then fly to Beijing on September 13th.  He departs Beijing on September 16th.

Details of the purpose and expenses for the trip have not yet been provided by the city.   MyrtleBeachSC.com has made a FOIA request for each.

Black Bear Golf Course
Chinese Owned Course Closed August 10th.

This past week,  we reported the closing of Black Bear Golf Plantation.  Black Bear was purchased by Chinese investors Kang Zou, Chun Lan Li and Shi Lin Zou in the early rounds of  a Chinese golf course ownership initiative.  This effort was encouraged by the city and Mayor Rhodes.  Black Bear Golf course closed last Wednesday.  A “for sale by owner”  sign was placed at the front gate.

Local media were asked not to report [nor ask] specifics on the mayor’s trips to China during  past visits.   The city has not reported September’s  itinerary as well.

This trip makes Mayor Rhodes’ 9th  documented trip to China in the past few years.

Rhodes and Lazarus
County Councilman Mark Lazarus (left) – John Rhodes (Mayor) Right – announced an investment of $100 million coming in 60 days this past March.  The investment has not happened to date.

Last Spring we reported on  Chinese Ponzi Investment news associated with Yiqian Funding.  Questionable investments and course closures have some local merchants questioning the timing of this visit.

Mayor Rhodes and County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus promised a $100 million investment for a Myrtle Beach Chinese cultural arts center in March.  The $100 million promised by the mayor was scheduled to be in place by late May or early June.  Those investments have not materialized as of August.  As such, locals are curious about the nature of this particular visit.

One Carolina Forest resident texted us today that “All Rhodes Lead To China,”  she added,  “and any questions about the subject are off topic.”




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