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Mayor McBride
Mark McBride Speaks To Residents At Campaign Kick Off

Mayoral Candidate McBride Stresses Public Safety

Myrtle Beach city residents met last night at Burro Loco restaurant located at 960 Jason Boulevard to show support for Mark McBride and his family.   Mr. McBride is challenging for the November 2017 Mayor’s race.

Candidate McBride said that he hoped to help the city turn the corner if elected.  He stated he did believe safety was Myrtle Beach’s top priority over the next season.  Mr. McBride also said he believed some, close to government, inside our city put money ahead of community.  McBride promised to represent the entire city.

As to chasing investors,  Mr. McBride stated he believed the city should not be in the business of private development. “I will not be going to China looking for investors,” said Mr. McBride to a large applause from the group.

Joe McVay
Joe McVay Inspires Residents

Also in attendance was long time, highly respected business leader Joe McVay.  Mr. McVay received loud applause as well when he spoke of his support for Mr. McBride.  Mr. McVay stated he believed our Myrtle Beach Area Chamber C.E.O. should not make more than the President of the United States.

“When you order a T Bone at a restaurant,” said McVay, “it is made up of choice meats and twenty percent bone.   The Chamber has been getting the choice meats and we residents have been getting the bone.  That Chamber has not grown new members in three years,” added McVay to a loud round of applause.  McVay stated he believed the city should get eighty percent of those tax funds allocated to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber and that the chamber should get 20%.

Mr. McBride, himself, has proposed using 50% of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber tax allocations for public safety.

On Thursday, September 14th,  Brad Dean, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber President, indicated that he would speak with S.C. State lawmakers about re-allocating some tax dollars into public safety. 






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