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MB Chamber TV Station Pounces on North Myrtle Beach Bacteria Readings

North Myrtle Beach Bacteria ReadingsLow North Myrtle Beach Bacteria Readings Continue and North Myrtle Beach Ocean Water Quality  continues to be among the best in the state of S.C.


A highly paid Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce media TV station pounced today on one  North Myrtle Beach Bacteria reading discovered by DHEC concerning bacteria in less than approximately one tenth of  one percent of the ocean water in North Myrtle Beach.   WMBFnews posted today,  May 5th,  that DHEC had sent out a temporary SWIM ADVISORY for 16th Avenue North in North Myrtle Beach.

City Of North Myrtle Beach Spokesperson, Pat Dowling,  reminded the TV station that  “99.9 percent of our nine miles of beach and ocean in the city of North Myrtle Beach is open for swimming.”

Multiple areas inside the city of Myrtle Beach also failed the May 2nd water tests with results that came back as high as 2 and 3 times above  the safe level for swimming inside the city of Myrtle Beach.   WMBFnews made no mention of those tested areas in its article today.   The failed city of Myrtle Beach areas were retested on May 3rd and tested safe that day.

While the City of North Myrtle Beach has  continuously produced the most pristine and most outstanding test results over the last several years from DHEC for North Myrtle Beach bacteria readings, WMBFnews and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce have continuously attempted to draw the city of North Myrtle Beach into its drama with DHEC about poor water quality.  MyrtleBeachSC.com reported just last week how WMBFnews, a Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce subsidized news organization,  optimized old and outdated North Myrtle Beach bacteria stories across Google to replace rankings for key Myrtle Beach Water Pollution search terms.

North Myrtle Beach merchants and residents were very upset about these deceptive search engine optimization tactics when they came to light. Several of these same merchants and residents went on to GOOGLE REVIEWS and reviewed WMBFnews after the optimization efforts became public news just last week. Currently the TV station only gets 3.2 out of 5 stars for reviews from locals and business owners here in our area.

While the City of Myrtle Beach continues to have up to 10% of its beach on the long term SWIMMING NOT ADVISED DHEC list of the Department of Health and Environmental Control,  the City of North Myrtle Beach consistently gets that S.C. Department’s highest ratings for water quality.

I am looking forward to watching this year play out and see which city stays on DHEC’s Swimming not advised list,” said Skip Hoagland.  ” If what we have experienced ongoing holds, I doubt you will see any future unacceptable North Myrtle Beach Bacteria readings at all this Summer of 2016.  Locals know,” he added.



WBTW Local CBS affiliate also chose to run the North Myrtle Beach Bacteria Readings story.  This station has been an apologist for all previous City of Myrtle Beach Bacteria articles, even calling our own reporting as “Not exactly true”.  The station never explained to its readers what was not “exactly true”,  however.  This news station is currently promoting the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s TOURISM WORKS FOR US ad campaign ongoing.   MyrtleBeachSC.com stands behind all of its reporting as 100% accurate.  We take no monies from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.



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