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Mica Miller mental health documents not legally notarized

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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Members of Attorney Tom Winslow’s team sent us a statement that legal medical filings surrounding the Mica Miller mental health issues were not legally notarized.

Mica Miller died of what has been ruled a suicide at Lumber River State Park on April 27th. The FBI is now investigating the case.


Mica Miller Mental Health
Text sent by Winslow team on Mica Miller Mental Health Docs

Despite the fact Pastor JP Miller admitted from the pulpit to being suicidal in October 2023, just two months later JP was able to receive a health care power of attorney from Mica signed Dec. 5. Tom Winslow, of Winslow Law, was the attorney that orchestrated this legal filing.

Texts received by MyrtleBeachSC News show that Power of Attorney documents were supposedly signed by Mica Miller on December 4th at the Solid Rock church. However, those documents were not notarized by Winslow Law employees (Briyana and Tiffany) until the next day at Winslow’s law office.

According to the S.C. Secretary of State, a notary must be present at the actual signing of such documents to prevent fraud.

Two months later, according to the Myrtle Beach Police Department, Mica was “involuntarily hospitalized” on Feb. 8, 2024. But what makes the case even more odd is that JP’s power of attorney documents were not filed until March 20, 2024, despite having been signed and notarized three months prior.


Tom Winslow A.I.

Today, we report on Tom Winslow A.I. claims as he touts the importance of A.I. in his law practice. At the bottom of this article, readers can view terrifying texts sent out by J.P. Miller to Mica in November 2022.

We recently published that Pastor JP Miller, and his attorney, Tom Winslow were persons of interest in the Mica Miller “Suicide” FBI probe. Some readers questioned how we could report this with such confidence at that time.

We need to point out that Tom Winslow and JP Miller are not charged with any crimes, and even if they should be, they are considered innocent until proven guilty.

JP Miller’s documented sexual encounters

According to DailyMail: “Miller’s first wife, Alison, filed for divorce in 2015 after discovering he was having an affair with Mica, who was 14 years his junior.” Alison also claimed that “Miller had an addiction to prostitutes and had ‘sexual encounters’ with underage girls.” She continued, “He had also confessed to me and other staff members of the church that he had sexual encounters with young females from the church, who were under the age of 16.

The lawyer representing JP Miller in his first divorce case was S.C. State Representative Val Guest.

Mica’s statements about suicide

Mica’s sister, Sierra Francis, said, “Mica stated to me on many occasions, ‘If I end up with a bullet in my head’, it was JP,” referring to her husband, John Paul Miller. In a written affidavit, Seirra writes, “I know my sister to have expressed the abuse and violence against her by her husband to others, including family members and members of the church congregation. My sister also expressed to me that she was fearful that she would not make it to the divorce and that her life would be taken from her.

JP Miller Attorney Tom Winslow A.I. Endorsement

In the video above, Tom Winslow touts that his law practice is an advocate for the use of Artificial Intelligence. Winslow makes it a part of his practice.

Winslow is a member of Solid Rock Church. His wife is part of the praise team.

Also, as we reported yesterday, Attorney Tom Winslow owns 200 acres of land that backs up to the state park area where Mica’s body was found.

Mica Miller FBI
Winslow’s land backs up to Lumber River State Park where Mica’s body was found

All of this is circumstantial, at best, but it is also very curious.

The Call Made By Mica at Lumber River State Park

Mica wrote to her attorney: “Since the day we became husband and wife, I have been abused in every way I can think of. Emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially and physically. He has harassed me physically and electronically with letters, phone calls, emails and texts, hacking my emails, hacking my personal Facebook and impersonating me. Using my stolen phone to send texts and emails out to church members pretending to be me, texting friends and family saying that I am sleeping with teenagers from our church, and showing up in person at places around town … to having installed three different tracking devices on my vehicle.

MyrtleBeachSC News learned that JP was in possession of a mobile phone he had stolen from Mica. Anyone who has left an outgoing, “I am not available now” message on their phone, knows that a recorded version of her voice was likely on that mobile phone.

According to the Robeson County Sherriff, at 2:54 p.m., a 911 call was made from Lumber River State Park parking lot.

Miller is calm throughout the call, asking a dispatcher if her phone can be tracked. The operator asks for Miller’s phone number and location, and then why she was calling.

I’m about to kill myself, and I just want my family to know where to find me,” she replies.


Was the Tom Winslow A.I. knowledge put to use in this matter?

Audio Capture and Signal Processing

The first step in AI voice recognition is audio capture. This is where the spoken words are recorded.

The audio is then processed to remove any background noise. This ensures that the system can clearly hear the spoken words.

Signal processing also involves enhancing the quality of the audio. This makes it easier for the system to recognize the speech patterns.

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Pattern recognition is the core of AI voice recognition. It’s the process of identifying the spoken words in the audio signal.

Machine learning plays a crucial role in this process. It helps the system learn and improve its ability to recognize speech patterns.

Over time, the system becomes more accurate. It learns to understand different accents, dialects, and even nuances in speech.

Real-World Examples of Deep Fake A.I.

AI voice recognition is not a futuristic concept. It’s already a part of our daily lives.

You may have interacted with it without even realizing. It’s present in many devices and applications we use every day.

53 second actual DEEP FAKE VOICE example


Mica Miller Mental Health

In a social media post yesterday, Miller states, “Solid Rock is alive and well and we are moving forward with our new building project. We are excited to see all members at our meeting May 19th at 5 p.m.

The FBI is just starting this investigation and no one knows where it will lead. The Tom Winslow A.I. practices may only prove to be circumstantial. The Mica Miller mental health records are sure to play a roll in this saga. Time will tell where this leads.

Question: Were public posts like this one from JP Miller abusive?

Mica Miller Mental Health


Mica Miller Mental Health

Miller, pastor at Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, told his sister-in-law that he would be arriving at her house at 1 a.m. on November 17, 2022, where Mica was visiting.

After Sierra warned that he wouldn’t be allowed in their home, he challenged her, saying ‘you can call the cops’.

A few moments later, he replied: “I’m armed. I’m ready. Mica can fix all of this“, to which Sierra replied: “THIS doesn’t help anything. Threats and intimidation only make things worse.”

‘I don’t care (idc) Driving. I can’t text. Thanks.’ said the disgraced pastor.

In response, Miller replied, “Hahaha” when told cops wouldn’t be called if he stayed home.

Mica Miller Mental Health

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