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Kyle And Karon Mitchell


Judge Benjamin H Culbertson ruled yesterday that Jack Isaiah Rabon’s mediation settlement with Kyle and Karon Mitchell be immediately thrown out on grounds that Rabon worked with a local lawyer  to defraud the Mitchells.

The Sun News reported last Fall 2017: Court documents filed in early September allege that Jack Isaiah Rabon, Jr., along with his wife, Nicole Rabon, conspired with their attorney and with the buyers of the land to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in the transaction from Karon Mitchell, Jack Rabon’s sister, and Kyle Mitchell, her husband. The suit claims that at least some of that money was funneled through a foreign bank account and then given in cash to the Rabons and their attorney, Lane Jeffries, who worked for the McNair Law Firm at that time.

Lane Jefferies
Myrtle Beach Area Attorney Lane Jefferies

The dismissal of the mediation agreement opens up opportunities for the Mitchells to sue Rabon, his attorney Lane Jeffries, the buyer of the Mitchell’s property Sarah Ginsburg and Jacob Biderman, and potentially even the city of Myrtle Beach.

Palms Court
Hotel owned by the Mitchells fraudulently sold by Rabon and Jeffries to Bidderman

As the Myrtle Beach Sun News reported last October 6th:

According to court filings, Jeffries, Jack and Nicole Rabon, Ginsburg and Biderman all told the plaintiffs that the purchase price for the combined parcels was $542,000. That’s the total amount that was listed on closing documents and the total that is available in Horry County land records.

However, the suit claims that the buyers really paid $777,000, and that the Rabons and Jeffries kept the additional $235,000 out of official records in an attempt to conceal it from Kyle and Karon Mitchell.

As a part of that arrangement, the suit says Biderman transferred $100,000 to a bank account in Chile under the name of Gabriel Yosef. That money was allegedly given to Jack and Nicole Rabon and Jeffries by Yosef after the transfer.




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