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More Development, But Closing Colony Drive Will Give No Access To Hwy 17 say Deerfield Homeowners

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Residents of Deerfield Plantation sat down with our news team Saturday to discuss poor road conditions, limited entry and exit points to their community, the soon road closure of Colony Drive, as well as, the ongoing role of development.

Neighbors are frustrated by past Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus’ mismanagement of these issues. They are equally upset about how current County Council dodges their concerns by pointing them back to developers, the HOA, and the private road’s owner.

Readers can hear their concerns just below.

Homeowner Speak Their Concerns – Say They Will Vote Tuesday


A notice placed prominently states: Colony Drive will be closed until further notice July 1st.

Yet development (approved by previous Chairman Mark Lazarus) in the community continues. Should Colony Drive close, the community will have only one entry into their neighborhood. Colony Drive is a privately owned road.

Newer developments in Deerfield will be required to enter on Highway 17 bypass at the light that intersects with East Coast Honda.

These signs state that Colony Drive will be closed to Business Highway 17 access until further notice.

All of the newer developments in the neighborhood were rubber stamped by Mark Lazarus and County Council during Mark’s tenure as Horry County Council Chairman. Mark Lazarus has strong ties to the development community. District 106, which represents the community, was then represented by S.C. State Rep. Russell Fry, who also has strong ties to the development community.

As voters go to the polls this Tuesday, issues in Deerfield are paramount. These issues define the narrative affecting Horry County county-wide.

Neighbors asked us, “Who is responsible for this mess? Who is going to do something about it?”

Residents reached out to State Representative District 106, “resident first” candidate Brian Sweeney Saturday. After that meeting, Sweeney told MyrtleBeachSC News, “I had the opportunity today to visit with some residents in Deerfield to see if I might be of any assistance in resolving a number of problems that have arisen since they moved into their newly constructed homes.  Deerfield has an unusual structure for a development of its size in that there are only two ways in and out.  One is via 17 Bypass and the other is to 17 Business via Colony Drive.  The owners of Colony Drive have posted some very visible notices indicating that it will be closed effective July 1, 2022 until further notice.  That leaves only one way in or out which is in bad need of repair and which will significantly inconvenience residents traveling to and from work and shopping.  Worse, it could also be life threatening in the event of a fire, crime, or some other emergency.  I understand that these newer Deerfield developments were approved by Mark Lazarus while he was still Chair of the Horry County Council.”

I cannot understand why he would have given his approval without having studied the infrastructure issues.  I am currently looking into options on how to best resolve this issue. This can not continue,” added Sweeney.

Sweeney’s opponent, Val Guest, has close ties to the development community much like Mark Lazarus.

Brian Sweeney
Sweeny – Residents Rights Candidate……Attorney Val Guest – Campaign Funded By Developers

The runoff to decide the future of this community will be held Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Voters can vote at the Presbyterian Church located in this community.


Colony Drive is a private road that Horry County government has not assumed. Roads are a permanent liability for the road’s owner. As such, Horry County is not interested in assuming and maintaining the ongoing costs of this responsibility.

Regardless, Horry County Council voted to allow these ongoing developments to continue, with no road infrastructure plan in place for the past ten years to accommodate for this growth.

A legal letter was sent to a key resident from the private road’s current owner, Deerfield Roads, LLC. That letter states the HOA can not legally close Colony Drive, as the road is not owned by the HOA.

The residents would prefer Horry County government assume all responsibility for the road, including ownership of the road, since county government approved the many neighborhoods currently being built there.

More Deerfield Homes Sold

Horry County Council – Not Following The Law Says Deerfield Homeowners

The county’s own Land Development Regulations require two entry points to any neighborhood as large as Deerfield. With the closing of Colony Drive, newly developed homes will only have one point of access. Residents told MyrtleBeachSC News today that Horry County was not following its own laws.

Deerfield Residents have posted an online petition for Horry County Council here. They invite their neighbors to sign the petition which will be sent to local county government.

However, until Horry County residents begin voting for “Resident First” candidates, little is likely to change.

2008 Ldr Approved 3rd Reading by MyrtleBeachSC news



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