Moving House With Reluctant Teenagers: Your Definitive Guide!

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If you are the parent of one or more stubborn teenagers, you’ll know that convincing a teen to do something they don’t want to do is practically impossible. As much as we love them, teenagers are having their first forays into adulthood, testing the ground beneath them as they begin to argue more and give in less. 

When it comes to moving home, it can be both practically and emotionally strenuous on the family. If your teens are worried about moving – or have already insisted more than once that they are NOT GOING, then you are in the right place.

In this article we will take a dive into how to complete a stress-free house move with your stubborn teens in tow.

Getting them excited about the new house

One way to shift focus away from the prospect of leaving your family home, is to get your kids excited about what the future holds. They might be getting more opportunities, such as a bigger room or easier access to their friends, from this move. Use this as an incentive for them to feel animated about the idea of moving, rather than dreading the whole experience. 

Allow your teen to be upset – it’s normal

While it is important to encourage positivity, that is not to say you should quash their negative feelings completely. Teenagers are difficult for a reason: because being a teenager is pretty hard. They are dealing with social, physical and practical changes that are super overwhelming, so try to treat their pushback with empathy.

Especially if you are introducing the idea of long distance moving to your teenager, it is very normal for them to be upset about the idea. We all remember what teenage life was like; your friends and school are your entire life, and it’s hard to imagine being torn away from that.

Try not to feel guilty as a parent – just allow them to express their feelings, be firm when you need to be, and ultimately, they will adjust to the change.

Give them responsibilities – but not too much!

A simple way to pull a teenager out of their slump is by giving them responsibilities. If they feel as if they are being included in the moving process, and that they are able to make influential decisions that matter, your teenage kid will be more likely to pitch in willingly. 

These responsibilities could include making calls to the moving company; packing their own room into boxes; helping younger siblings to sort their belongings; or even cleaning! By allocating tasks to your teen, you are doing the opposite of alienating them from the experience of moving – you are making them a part of the team.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy convincing a teenager to leave the place they know and go elsewhere. With the handy tips we’ve given you here, you should have a much smoother house move experience all round, and hopefully, by the end of it, have willing participants in this exciting new chapter. 

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