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Myrtle Beach Area Chamber Owned The Night Politically

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at
Vote Johnny Gardner

Supporters of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce have much to celebrate today. Politically, this group almost ran the table in Horry County.

The win of the night was Russell Fry. Fry mopped the floor, beating 6 challengers to win the U.S. 7th Congressional seat outright. A runoff was expected. The Trump endorsement carried the day.

Supporters of MBACC celebrated other collective wins as well.

Horry County Council- District 01 (R)Horry County

MBACC and Developer campaign funded Jenna Dukes took out Harold Worley in North Myrtle Beach, winning 59% of the vote.

Jenna Dukes (R)4,43359%
Harold Worley (R)3,062
State House- District 61 (R)

Former Myrtle Beach Area Chamber Board President won the Foresbrook – Conway State Representative seat, sending yet another MBACC elected official to Columbia, S.C.

Carla Schuessler (R)2,303
John Cassidy (R)1,991
Horry County Council- District 02 (R)Horry County

MBACC favored incumbent Bill Howard won the Myrtle Beach seat in District 2

Bill Howard (R)2,54263%
Dean Richardson (R)1,49037%
Horry County Council- District 08 (R) Horry County

Two Myrtle Beach Area Chamber supported candidates will face one another in a runoff.

Mikey Mash Masciarelli (R)1,349
Brandon Skipper (R)1,105

A Few Surprises

Horry County Council- Chair (R)Horry County
Mark Lazarus (R)18,296
Johnny Gardner (R)11,989

MBACC favored Lazarus will face incumbent Johnny Gardner in a runoff on June 28th.

Horry County Council- District 07 (R)Horry County

Resident focused Tom Anderson beat incumbent Orton Bellamy.

Tom Anderson (R)1,472
Orton Bellamy (R) 834
Horry County Board of Education- Chair (R)Horry County

Resident focused candidate David Cox will be challenged by Helen Smith in a runoff on June 28th.

David Cox (R)17,935
Helen Mason Smith (R)14,847
Horry County Board of Education- District 06 (R)Horry County

Resident focused candidate Pam Dawson won District 6 by 71%

Pam Dawson (R)2,35571%
Lyn Bondi (R)965

State House- District 106 (R)

Surprise candidate Brian Sweeney and MBACC supported Val Guest will meet in a runoff on June 28th. This seat was formerly held by Russell Fry. Locals expect Fry to campaign for Guest to keep the seat in MBACC hands.

Which candidate Howard Benard chooses to endorse could affect the outcome of this race.

Thomas Duval Guest (R)

2,627 – 38%

Brian Sweeney (R)

2,174 – 32%



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