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Myrtle Beach, Better Than “Everywhere”

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“Everyone” and “everywhere” are by far not new words or ideas. As a matter of fact you probably used a version of one when you were young and tried to justify to your parents that “Everyone is doing it.” to which your parents would readily ask “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you jump off too?” As you mulled it over in your head, being young and wild and carefree you most probably thought “Wow, that would be cool!” while you actually hung you head in shame and of course told your parents “No.” But more than likely if you had the chance, you jumped.

Fast forward 30 or 40 years later and grown into an adult, you realize that often “going along with the crowd” can bring its own self destruction yet in other ways can be the perfect vehicle to promote social interaction and group ideals. Simply put, being part of a crowd can indeed lead to positive outcome. Ideas being shared can be a great social vehicle for positive change. As Americans we benefit from coming together and advocating for the good of all. Unfortunately as of late there are negative forces seeping into the fabric of the local psyche.

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Recently it appears many locals have adopted a negative thought process, especially where crime, overpopulation, oppressive government, over taxation and other important issues are concerned. “It is happening everywhere.” has become the standard response


If you participate in almost any conversation or debate online or in a physical group setting and mention “Crime in this area is getting out of hand,” you can almost guarantee that a response you WILL receive is, “Well, it’s happening everywhere”.

It usually goes something like this:

“Our City sure isn’t using our tax monies as they should.”
“It’s happening everywhere, did you see the Mayor of Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico was just indicted?”

“Crime sure is getting out of hand here.”
“It’s happening everywhere, 50 people were killed in Chicago this weekend.”

“Our ocean water quality is really getting out of hand”
“It’s happening everywhere, Florida’s Red Tide washed up millions of dead sea life this week.”

Or the twist on that:

“Our tax rates are creeping up and I dont like it.”
“You have the lowest taxes in the USA. Why are you complaining?”

“Our roads are becoming too congested.”
“Your roads are nothing like (insert state) roads. Why are you complaining?”

Exactly what is the reasoning for offering “It’s happening everywhere.” as a rebuttal to any negative discussion where solutions are needed? And exactly why “..are you complaining?” You’re probably complaining because you do not like it and do not want the area you choose to live and work and play in to BECOME like these other places. You are complaining because you know you have avenues for which your voice can enact change instead of just being led like a sheep down a path because you fail to take action to resist. Perhaps the reason you complain is that you DO NOT WANT your home area that you invested your entire life savings in to be like “everywhere”, where evidently crime, poor governing, high taxes, and poor roads are just an acceptable way of life.

Communal tolerance, apathy, and lethargy for the area are not why people saved their entire lives just to come to find that in reality the area they chose is like “everywhere”. No, they came based on an idea presented to them that the area was an investment, it is clean, it has low crime and good roads and it has an approachable government and that it’s taxes and service fees are just and fair. If they wanted to live in an area that was “like everywhere” most could have just stayed where they were. But they did not, they chose THIS area. Why? Because it’s specifically NOT like EVERYWHERE. Let’s work together to keep it that way. So the next time someone laments about a local issue, how about responding with “I hear what you’re saying, what can we do?”

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Lisa Bean Williams

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