Myrtle Beach Cronyism Continues

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It’s a given that large cities have a need for more of just about everything to keep their infrastructure running smoothly on a day to day basis. If you have ever lived in an area with a year round million person population it’s understood that there’s need for more infrastructure such as roads, emergency access, and police security as well more water and sewer to handle the basics. These needs are normally addressed through some form of government structure through a network of the citizen, businesses, city, county and state funding by a system of taxation, fees, fines, loans and bonds.

Logically where there’s a larger population, there’s a large number of businesses to address the needs of those citizens such as housing, food, clothing, medical and other personal care as well as “creature comforts” such as eating out, electronics, jewelry, gas grills, etc. Thus, there are in turn, organizations which also act as a go between or “liaison” for the businesses and government regarding issues between the two, so as to assure a smooth operation for the benefit of the city, the business, the employees and the consumer. In the case of Myrtle Beach, which has a base of approximate 32,000 year round residency, a fluctuating local customer base and a tourism base which can reach several hundreds of thousand over a period of week, there are of course differing amounts of services required. This intersection is where there’s become an impassse, or as defined, “a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement; a deadlock”. “Impasse” is used because of recent allegations made regarding the City of Myrtle Beach and several of it’s business cohorts perhaps participating in questionable and unethical practices to fulfill these services. For some reasoning, the “powers that be” in the City of Myrtle Beach appear to mistrust many of these “outside sources’ to fulfill the needs of the general public and, for some reason, continue to resource from their own “special” list of City insiders. Yes, that includes their friends or acquaintances, or as proposed in a recent legal court filing, their “cronys”.

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The most recent crony hiring appears to be by a contract bid the City of Myrtle Beach accepted through another LLC which, yet again, appears to have very close ties to the City. This week Gordon Hirsch with an LLC named G2CP, was awarded a bid as a “Communications Consultant” which City Manager John Pedersen personally stated, only two companies bid for. That bid was awarded at the price of $19,500. Yes, you read that right, and if you are a tax paying citizen, you see it as yet one more tax debacle at the hands of a City Administration which appears more defensive and clueless as each day passes. Interestingly the bid accepted came in just under the $20,000 of which the City and State requirements would have required much more oversight. In and of itself, a City in this century would even need to hire a “Communications Consultant” is a sad state of affairs to begin with, especially in the world of current social media and communications. And seriously, how much “consulting” is $19,500 going to “purchase” in today’s communications market? Is there no one that could be found in the entire City government of Myrtle Beach who has this experience? Does the City not have a “Communications” Department? Isn’t that what Marc Kurea’s job is as “Public Information Director”? Kurea appears to be very vocal and communicate very well when the City needs a voice.

Research has shown that Mr. Hirsch has been with the City of Myrtle Beach on the “Beach Advisory Committee” for a decade. Mr. Hirsch appears to perhaps be related to past City of Myrtle Beach Mayor Bob Hirsch. Interestingly, although Mr. Hirsch was a journalism major in college, his past two decades of business filings has nothing to do with communications, but instead with real estate and a barber shop. As of this writing , no state filings for G2CP LLC have yet to be located in research.

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