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Myrtle Beach City Council

Myrtle Beach Election is 2 days away. Will voters turn out?

In two days, city elections will be held county-wide. 

Questions remain if the City of Myrtle Beach will return the same incumbents, or like-minded candidates supported by Mayor Brenda Bethune, or Wayne Gray, or the two conservatives running in the race. [Ed Carey and Charles Gasque]

As we report ongoing, the City of Myrtle Beach is the most liberally lead city in Horry County. Do the residents also lean left?

This Tuesday’s field includes five liberals, who support the Myrtle Beach Command Economy, and two conservatives. If our readers do not know what a command economy is, click here: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/will-city-residents-continue-to-vote-for-a-failed-command-economy/

In a city of roughly 31,000 residents, all current councilmen, the mayor and five of the candidates running support command economy politics.

A command economy is always lead by collusionist politicians voted in by establishment voters. These politicians can 100% count on establishment voters showing up at the polls on Tuesday. Establishment voters always vote, come hell or high water! The question is, will others?


“Establishment voters” are residents who gain some benefit from voting for collusive, local government politicians.  These voters either need certain legislation passed for their business, have a contract with government themselves, get ongoing contracts from government, or work for a firm that carries a significant, preferred relationship with elected officials.

Myrtle Beach is the number one city in Horry County fostering collusive business/government relationships.

City leadership is very proud of that arrangement. Such an arrangement always creates insiders and outsiders.

Establishment voters are the base of collusive, elected politicians. Myrtle Beach has a large population of establishment voters.


The bad news for the two conservatives

Voter turnout for local elections, typically held in off-cycle years, like this coming Tuesday’s, has historically lagged behind state and federal races, but recent results suggest it’s slowly becoming even worse.  As reported by Citylab.com,  in 15 of the 30 most populous cities in the U.S., voter turnout for a mayoral election is less than 20 percent.

Incumbents and collusive candidates have a huge advantage in local elections because of low, local voter turn out. Collusive minded candidates know that. This is why these incumbents preach that locals get a tax rollback. In truth, there is no tax rollback. Primary resident real estate taxes are paid by tourists and second home oceanfront condo investors.


Unfortunately, non establishment voters have no financial incentive to vote. The only reason they would vote is if they believed it is a patriotic privilege to do so.

Many residents do say the City of Myrtle Beach is heading in the wrong direction. However, many do not know who to vote for.


Many non collusive voters don’t vote because they are unsure who to vote for. A large contingent of these voters just moved into the city.

Yard signs give no insight on where candidates stand on issues. Busy residents can’t make the political forums put on by the candidates.

While long standing, small business owners, like Tuvia Wilkes, have been speaking out and informing voters over the internet, example here: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/local-merchant-tuvia-wilkes-addresses-mayor-bethune-and-city-manager-dishonesty/ , many are unaware of those videos.

The City of Myrtle Beach does have a myriad of problems hidden away from voters in Market Common and Grand Dunes. Most of these problems are the direct result of collusive government.

We listed those in a rebuttal article to Mayor Brenda Bethune this week.

Myrtle Beach

Our readers can click on the link just above to read this.

Collusive government happens when only collusive minded, establishment voters vote. Myrtle Beach has the most collusive government in Horry County and among the most collusive in the state.

We hope everyone shows up at the polls this Tuesday.

While we wish the two non collusive conservatives, Ed Carey and Charles Gasque, the best, we truly believe conservatives have an up hill battle in getting elected in the City of Myrtle Beach.



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