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Myrtle Beach Anti Establishment

Myrtle Beach Locals Express Anti Establishment Mood


Myrtle Beach locals express anti establishment mood

Is the Myrtle Beach area about to advance the calendar forward to 2017 or is it  1967 all over again?

The sentiment in Carolina Forest, Horry County and Myrtle Beach appears highly  anti establishment this year.  Carolina Forest and Myrtle Beach city residents are collectively speaking  out with a total disdain for all things establishment. Most  Americans know that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each have low trust numbers,  however, MyrtleBeachSC.com is also finding low trust numbers for every local elected office holder.


Most locals are now fully aware that privacy issues (corporate spying/government spying) have national, local, and personal implications.   “It’s the corporate state gone wrong. That is what’s killing America both locally and nationally,” said S.C. local Skip Hoagland.

The Corporate State is nothing short of big data management.    Big data management mines our private and public posts (communications),  then works to influence our “decision making” based on using our own language and beliefs found on our own public social profiles.   You would be surprised at the long list of records data mined about you.   Think it’s just Facebook?  You’re wrong.  Let’s try gmail, linkedin, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Nextdoor, credit reports, online searches you have made, state and county records, websites you visit, and, every discount key chain card you use.   YES, they even know what brand of toilet paper you buy and use.

Privacy invasion is now the common practice of corporations and government in the American culture.   The corporate state has invaded practically every area of our private lives,  but especially the media.   Corporate media has among the lowest trust levels in today’s America.   Locals in our area say corporate media is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the corporate state.  In 2016, media has a 26% trust level among residents.

Politicians like Brad Dean (Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President), John Rhodes – Myrtle Beach Mayor,  Wayne Gray – Myrtle Beach City Councilman,  Hillary Clinton – Candidate for President, Tom Rice – U.S. Congressional Candidate, and Lindsay Graham are all viewed with the same lens by many  Horry County locals.

These 10 brands own most of what is in your kitchen. They also most likely own your Senator, Congressman, and your personal social data.

The coming 2017 year appears to be shaping up more and more like 1967 all over again.  An anti establishment mood is now taking hold on both the left and right sides of local and national culture.   From Wikileaks to FBI probes to local Myrtle Beach politics the mood appears to indicate people believe that the system is rigged by corporate and government insiders working in private together.  “Corporate and government insiders are the only people in America that actually have any forms of privacy,” said Chris Jenrette of Horry County. “They are also the only ones with any job security, with  great pay  and great benefits,”  he added.

Locals feel spied upon and data mined to the point of where they believe they have no privacy at all.

Most legislators today spend inordinate time with corporate insiders or their lobbyists.  It is amazing how many legislators are lawyers,  and how many laws are written in partnership with lobbyists or corporate lawyers.  “Corporate power dominates our government, which is why I will not take any corporate or banking campaign donations.  A man can’t serve two masters,” said Professor Mal Hyman at a recent Dunes Club function held in Myrtle Beach.   Hyman is campaigning against lifelong Democrat Tom Rice.  Rice suddenly became a Republican when he announced his plans to run for office in 2012.  Previously Rice was most well known for his work as Board Chairman of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber,  where he coordinated with local corporations to get a 1% tourist tax successfully passed.  It is his life’s greatest accomplishment to date.

Politicians like Hillary Clinton and local Congressional Candidate Tom Rice have recently disappeared in public trying to run out this current election cycle.  They are  spending millions in corporate cash on the airwaves and ground games working to manipulate outcomes, however.   Even if they are successful, locals believe  the cement is already drying on a new America.   It does appear the gig is exposed,  if not up, on the corporate state collusion that now has a death grip on all things America.

Tom Rice, a millionaire tax lawyer, received almost $500,000 from outside the district, while he serves on the Ways and Means Committee,  writing tax policies,” Hyman added.  Hyman believes Horry County needs something different and less pursuaded by corporate money’s influence.   Past public statements by Nancy Pelosi, former U.S. House Speaker,  that we have to sign the bill to find out what is in the bill certainly applies here.  Recent triple digit increases in healthcare premiums, only adds to the mistrust of locals that corporations are writing our laws and working with government to spy on regular citizens.

The outcomes of Tuesday,  November 8th will likely tell us little nationally and less locally.  2017 will certainly be a year that does tell the tale.  The problem with the illusions these corporate and government allies live in is there is no November 8th finish line.   Reality goes on and forward into November 9th and beyond.  Locals are now becoming more aware of these collusions and are just now getting organized on how to respond collectively to these intrusions and this lack of citizen representation.

For the Myrtle Beach area,  it appears 2017 will be much like 1967,  an end to all things just previous… a beginning of an entirely new era,  politicians and media aside.

Regardless of which politicians win this Tuesday,  Americans have already moved on. Citizens will create the change that unsettles all things establishment next year.

For those of you born too late to remember,  here are just a few sign posts from 1967:

*1967 the continued presence of American troops increased further and a total of 475,000 were serving in Vietnam

*Peace rallies were multiplying as the number of protesters against the war increased.

*Boxer Muhammad Ali was stripped of his boxing world championship for refusing to be inducted into the US Army.

*The state of  Israel defended itself against an attack by  Syria, Egypt and Jordan in the six day war. When the war ended in just 6 days,  Israel controlled and occupied the Holy City of Jerusalem.

*1967 has been called the Summer of Love as young Americans dropped out of public culture and began what was then called the counter culture movement.

Among the top songs of 1967 is now what is an anthem for the 60s in many retrospective movies:

Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”

For those in total denial about the current mood of our country: Google  Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders,  Edward Snowden,  Julian Assange, James Comey or the word millennial coupled with any other word phrase.  Millenials now make up 26% of the population and are at the same life cycle stage that the me generation was in 1967.  MyrtleBeachSC.com believes this is not a left nor right thing,  it will simply be a 2017 thing in response to the established corporate state.





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