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Myrtle Beach is facing what technologists call an interruption cycle in the next decade.  This interruption cycle is not a technology one, however.   This disruption will be caused by a dynamic change in racial demographics of the make up of America.

Today,  America is still largely made up of white citizens.  Half of these 174 million white citizens are baby boomers, however.   Census forecasters expect 86 million white citizens to begin to die off in the next 20 years,  leaving America a Minority Majority nation.   A minority majority nation is one in which the majority of citizens are black and Hispanic.  In 2031,  it is expected that there will only be 90 million white citizens in the U.S.

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How this affects renting rooms, marketing rooms, selling products and providing services culturally is an issue Myrtle Beach faces today with the new influx of younger minority consumers.  Constant infighting between the city and black bikers have cast dispersion on the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the city of Myrtle Beach itself.  The damage done to the Myrtle Beach brand by these actions will have a lasting affect,  just as the shooting of John F. Kennedy affected Dallas’ reputation for 20 years beyond his death.

Myrtle Beach must make choices now as to how to market to minority tourists.  Numbers of visitors to Myrtle Beach area have remained stuck at 15.2 million tourists for the past 8 years despite $180 million in marketing dollars spent by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Marketing to domestic Latino and Black tourists is our best path towards soon growth.   Thankfully,  The Myrtle Beach Black Chamber of Commerce has now launched and is ready to provide much needed support.

Scott Lemons Myrtle Beach  Scott Lemons is a cultural architect and a staff writer for

To connect with Scott Lemons:  Visit him on his Blog:  Scott Lemons

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