NBA 101: 6 Ways To Get Player Stats & Odds Comparison

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The NBA is America’s largest and most famous basketball league. Games hosted by the NBA attract millions of viewers, from all around the world. In addition to offering basketball games, the league also has its own video game franchise and various forms of merchandise. If you are a fan of basketball, then no doubt you are an avid follower of the NBA.

However, following the NBA can sometimes be difficult. There is so much information available about the league online that it can be disorientating trying to work through it all.

This post will tell you how you can find out player stats, odds, and just general information about the NBA as easily as possible.

Using Apps

It is possible to download apps that specialize in NBA odds, statistics, and news. The use of apps is arguably this list’s best suggestion. You can make use of expert insights and tools on these apps too, which can help you to place bets. The great thing about apps is that they are a lot faster than mobile websites, have online and offline capacities, and give you a more personalized experience. Most apps use algorithms to send users content. You can customize your app’s algorithm to ensure that you only ever receive NBA-related content that interests you (i.e., news about specific teams or players). Most apps are completely free, too. Those that do charge don’t tend to charge a lot of money.

Expert Blogs

An alternative to using apps is to subscribe to blogs written by experts in the NBA. It can be challenging to find these blogs, however. Another issue you might encounter is finding dead blogs. Very few bloggers are active and consistent when it comes to posting information about the NBA. More often than not, blogs are subjective, too. This means that you won’t get accurate information, but instead, the writer’s opinion. Even so, blogs can still be useful for getting odds or general insights. One of the redeeming features of blogs is that they are mostly free. No subscription fee is required.

News Sites

One thing there is no shortage of on the internet is news sites specializing in NBA content. Again though, many of these news sites include each article’s author’s opinion about things rather than genuine news. However, that is not true for every single news site on the web. Some are actually very good. The downside to news sites is that they often don’t have any information about the odds. News sites are not usually allowed to get involved in things pertaining to gambling. Because of this, you will have to rely on independent blogs and apps to find out game odds.

Sports Handicappers

If you intend on betting on the NBA, then you might want to work with a sports handicapper. A handicapper is an expert bettor. More often than not, they offer their services for free. Only the most experienced handicappers charge. The reason so many handicappers offer their services for free is so that they can build up a name for themselves. Once they’ve built up a name, then they will begin selling their knowledge. Whether you pay or not is beside the point though, what matters is that handicappers can help you to learn about the odds of particular games (and also assist you in making better decisions).

Press Releases

When it comes to actual news, one of the best ways to find out about what’s going on in the NBA is to follow the league’s website and read their press releases. NBA press releases will not tell you player stats or odds, you will only find out information about transfers, games, and league-related news, such as the names of individuals involved in buying teams or giving donations. Press releases can nonetheless be a good source of information about the NBA and are worth checking out.

Social Media

On social media, you can find myriad pages dedicated exclusively to the NBA. On these pages, you can find information about specific players, as well as odds. It is important to remember that these pages are rarely run by people with actual direct expertise or knowledge of the NBA, such as players or coaches. Instead, they are run by individuals, usually teenagers. Most of their information comes from apps, blogs, and other news sites. Even so, you can still learn good information on these pages. Subscribing to them can’t hurt, even if they just tell you the information you already know.

The NBA is a popular basketball league, followed by fans of the sport from all over the world. If you like basketball, then keeping up with what’s going on in the NBA is a good idea. If you enjoy betting, then in addition to knowing what’s going on in the league, you also need to know about the odds of games, as well as player stats.

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