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New Year Sees Bed Bugs – Mob Attack Near Broadway At The Beach

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New Year Sees Bed Bugs – Mob Attack Near Broadway At The Beach

New Years Eve celebrations in Myrtle Beach witnessed an upset client from NC, as well as, two violent crimes including a mob assault on two victims walking in a neighborhood near Broadway at the Beach.

This past week,  James Monroe of Hope Mills (Raeford)  North Carolina decided to bring in the New Year with his cousin in Myrtle Beach.  After checking in at the Yachtsman Resort,  James, and his cousin chose to spend the night out.   Upon returning,  James found bedbugs crawling all over the sheets.   James put the above video and his comments online.   His post quickly became viral with 23,000 immediate shares and now 1 million views.

“New Year’s Eve my cousin and I decided to drive to the beach for New Year’s Eve as we did the previous year.  So we drove to Myrtle Beach from Raeford NC. Well, there the nice rooms were all pricey but we decided to bring in the New Year in what we thought was a luxury. We got a suite in the Yachtsman resort. At first glance of the room, it was nice. So we went out celebrated the New Year and came back to the hotel expecting to get a good night’s rest and make some breakfast in the morning. But that was the farthest to what happened.  My cousin’s girlfriend woke up and went to the restroom. On the way back to the room she cut the light on to see her way to the bed. When she got to the bed she noticed something crawling and as she looked harder she saw multiple things crawling. Being a female, she screamed.  I jumped up to see what the commotion was. They told me about the bugs.  I immediately went to my room and looked and low and behold they were all on my bed also.We tried to call the front desk to report the finding while itching from the bites.  No answer, so we went to the lobby and security replied that the office would not be open till eight so mind you this is 4 a.m. when this is going on. The security came and took pictures, but that was not done until 8 a.m. So with nowhere to go, we stayed and waited in the living area of the room.  At 8 a.m.,  we went to the office and reported what happen and showed the videos.  That is actually when they came and took their own videos. Upon their inspection,  they said they would let the General Manager know what happened and get back with us. Also, they said they couldn’t refund us our money because they didn’t have that power. And we were pretty much screwed.  And they still haven’t come up with a resolution only bug bites, bug infested clothes, and a loss of hard earned money came from this visit. What a New Years to remember.”

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We reached out to Yachtsman Resort General Manager, Vickie Reyelt,  calling her twice about an official response.   As of this publish date,  no one from the resort responded to our request.

Myrtle Beach is ranked in the top 45 cities in America for bed bugs by Orkin pest control.  “Typically they like to go get their meal and get back into hiding,” says Randy Strickland, the Myrtle Beach branch manager for Orkin.   Look for little red, brown, or black marks. That’s a sign of blood or fecal matter from the bed bugs. Quarantine any second-hand furniture, luggage, or clothing you bring into the house. And do not put any luggage on the bed. It is best to put suitcases on a luggage rack, counter, table, or even in the bathtub. It’s even a good idea to first put your or your guests’ clothes in the dryer on the highest setting. The extreme heat for 15 to 20 minutes will kill the bugs.

“They just catch a ride and move around. So it’s really not surprising to see with all of our tourism, we’re eventually getting up on that [Orkin] list, unfortunately,” says Strickland.

Broadway at the beach

Men Attacked By Mob Just South of Broadway at the Beach

On that same night into Sunday morning, as reported by the Myrtle Beach Sun News:  Two men were jumped and beaten by a mob in Myrtle Beach on Sunday, according to police.

The victims told police they were taking a taxi home from a party but didn’t have enough money to reach their destination. They were dropped off across from and just South of Broadway at the Beach, near the entrance of Willow Run and were taking a shortcut through the neighborhood to their home.

While walking, they were surprised by a group of 10 or 12 people, who proceeded to throw them to the ground and beat them.

A witness, who had been sitting on their porch nearby, approached the mob and told them to stop while dialing 911.

The suspects fled in two vehicles, one black and one white. No other descriptions could be provided, but one of the victims told police he knew one of the attackers.

Police attempted to locate the suspect, described as a 28-year-old white male about 5-feet and 120 pounds but were unable to at the time of this story. An investigation is ongoing.

The responding officer wrote that both victims had been badly injured, with one having bad injuries to his face and the other complaining of back pain. One victim was transported to Grand Strand Medical Center hospital via ambulance.

Police Lights Super Block

On this same New Year’s day,  an elderly man told police he was walking up the stairs to a unit at the Seaside Plaza on Flagg Street in Myrtle Beach on Sunday night when a masked gunman approached him.

He said the man pointed a small black handgun at him and demanded all of his money, according to a police report. The man told police he complied with the robber’s demands and the suspect fled the scene on foot with $400 in stolen cash.

Police were called to the Seaside Plaza at 707 Flagg Street at 11:46 p.m. and checked nearby surveillance footage to try to find the suspect, who allegedly fled the scene traveling south on Flagg Street, according to the report.

The suspect is described as a 25- to 35-year-old white man, standing about 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10, weighing between 180 and 200 pounds and wearing a gray T-shirt, blue jeans and a red face cover that masked the bottom portion of his face. The man told police the suspect also had what appeared to be a tattoo on the knuckles of his right hand, according to the report.

Flagg and Chester Streets, just south of the former Myrtle Beach pavilion downtown remain among the highest crime areas in the city.

This case also remains under investigation.