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NFL 2021/2022 – The Potential MVP’s

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David Hucks
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The Most Valuable Player award has existed in the National Football League since 1938, though its history is a little more complicated than you might expect. Unlike many countries, the United States did not halt many of their sports leagues during the second world war, fearing that it would damage morale amongst citizens. Because of this, the MVP award has been given continuously every year since 1938.

Furthermore, you may not realize that there have been a total of six MVP awards bestowed upon the leagues best player each year by several different organizations. Today, the Associated Press MVP award is by far the most important and most prestigious MVP award, and the NFL has held a ceremony since 2011 to recognize the winner of that year’s Associated Press Most Valuable Player Award.

The only other remaining MVP award that is still given out today is that of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA). The original award was named the Joe F. Carr Trophy before being replaced with the United Press International (UPI) NFL MVP Award in 1948. The UPI continued to distribute an award most years until 1969, but by then the market had become extremely crowded – the Sporting News MVP Award began next in 1954, followed by the Jim Thorpe Trophy a year later. The Associated press began distributing their award in 1957. The PFWA was the last to join the party in 1966.

Who Will Be the Most Valuable Player of the 2021/2022 Season?

The top legal online sportsbook in Arizona has narrowed down the field to just eleven players. NFL fans won’t be surprised to see a couple of familiar names on this list in the shape of Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and of course the legendary Tom Brady, Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson isn’t even in the top ten this year, which feels a little surprising, although his performance has perhaps been a tad weaker than his recent MVP-winning year in 2019. Aside from this, he is competing in an extremely strong field – let’s take a look at the current odds as of 11/01/2022:

Aaron Rodgers-625
Tom Brady+400
Joe Burrow+2,000
Cooper Kupp+2,000
Josh Allen+5,000
Patrick Mahomes+5,000
Jonathan Taylor+5,000
Dak Prescott+8,000
Kyler Murray+10,000
Justin Herbert+25,000
Matthew Stafford+25,000

Tom Brady

This year’s race for the MVP award is historic because both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers stand on 3 MVP titles each; Rodgers took the MVP crown in 2011, 2014, and 2020, whereas Brady captured the flag in 2007, 2010, and 2017. Earlier in the season, Tom Brady was leading the pack – not surprising considering his legendary history. Brady has led his teams to a record seven Super Bowl wins over the years and is one of the NFL’s most decorated and accomplished players. He is widely cited as being the greatest quarterback of all time but furthermore, many believe that Brady’s skill, speed and talent on the field is sufficient to warrant naming him as one of the greatest athletes in sports history.

Aaron Rodgers

With all this in mind, how on earth did another player manage to catch up with Brady and become the most likely player to earn the MVP title this year? The switch occurred around December 20th, after a week of stunning performances by Rodgers that happened concurrently with Brady being left on the bench for the first time in 15 years. 

It was a momentous week in the history of the NFL, as Rodgers price jumped to +130 whilst Brady dropped to +155. It’s interesting to note that at that time – just a few short weeks ago – it was Patrick Mahomes and Jonathan Taylor who were chasing the two superstars, with odds of +1,000 each. It just goes to show, anything can happen when it comes to betting.

At 36 years of age, Rodgers is significantly younger than Brady. This makes his achievements all the more remarkable; he could still have many more years left on the field to improve on his already extensive list of achievements, whilst Brady will surely be retiring within the next few years at most, as he will be 45 on August 3rd, 2022.

One thing is for sure – if another player manages to do something spectacular in the closing stages of the season, it would be nothing short of a miracle at this time. Considering how wide the gap has now become between Rodgers and Brady, it would appear that the public has spoken – they believe this year belongs to Rodgers.

Can Brady pull it back and earn a historic fourth MVP title? We can’t wait to find out.



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