No, You Don’t Have To Be Old To Have Hip Pain

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Hip pain is more common than you might think. Hip pain in children and young adults can be easily explained most of the time. It could be due to a sports injury. Your kid might have hit the edge of a table while running indoors. It could also be because you don’t sleep in the right position. Maybe you are a teenager and you have an active lifestyle. Doing too much can also be a cause of hip pain, so it’s common for those who work more than one job to be in this sort of discomfort.

Hip collision

Do you play sports regularly? Are those sports rough? Many college athletes complain about hip pain after they have been involved in a collision of some kind. This could be from being slammed into, during a football game. It might be because you landed on the floor hard, after a block in basketball. Hip collisions are quite common in fast and hard sports. You may find that icing after a game is going to speed up your recovery period. 

At work

Sometimes, it’s not your fault at all, something just happened at work. If you work in an industry where there is lots of machinery, it’s very easy to be involved in an accident. However it may have not been an accident. It may have been a foregone conclusion. This is because somebody was negligent. They didn’t tie something down, didn’t warn someone the floor was wet or maybe they dropped something on you. Speak with a personal injury law firm that cares and knows how to get the compensation you deserve, to pay for your recovery bills and lost revenue due to time off from work. Maybe this will give your employer the lesson they need to make the workplace safer.

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