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North Myrtle Beach Called Best Beach City

North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley celebrated Flag Day with the City of North Myrtle Beach by announcing her plans to run for re-election this coming Fall 2017.

Under her leadership,  the city of North Myrtle Beach has grown into the most desired beach city for tourism on the northern S.C. coast.  North Myrtle Beach has surpassed the city of Myrtle Beach as the primary destination for tourists visiting the beaches of our grand strand area.   Once the little sister to Myrtle Beach,  North Myrtle Beach has since become an envied destination location for competing Mayors all along the  Eastern Seaboard.

North Myrtle Beach
Downtown North Myrtle Beach is downtown USA

Main Street North Myrtle Beach looks much like a picture right out of Downtown Disney.  Quaint ice cream shops and eateries stand alongside modern high rise nationally acclaimed brand name hotels.  A host of popular hotels include Wyndham and the Avista Resort. Newer and more upscale hotels are proud to call the city of North Myrtle Beach home.

From small children to young adults to parents alike,  families clamored to our camera today to tell us how much they loved the city of North Myrtle Beach.

Most locals give a large portion of that credit to Mayor Marilyn Hatley.   Mayor Hatley has transformed the city from a sleepy little tourist town into one of the most inclusive and future focused destination beach cities in America.  North Myrtle Beach features the best Sports Recreation Complex in the area.  A pay as you go,  low debt mindset, has given the city lots of options for even greater future growth moving forward.

Little Girl NMB
Longer Stay Families Are Choosing North Myrtle Beach

Mayor Hatley somehow has worked to skillfully combine a pro business and, also,  a pro community mindset that enhances the quality of life for both visitors and locals.

Recent polls done by MyrtleBeachSC.com rank Mayor Hatley as the number one mayor in Horry County by an astonishing 39 percent margin.

Said Horry County Auditor, Lois Eargle, “Marilyn Hatley is a person of integrity.  She is an honest person.  One thing I like about Marilyn is she is a visionary.  The whole of North Myrtle Beach has changed and it has really made a difference in Horry County really.  And I think that she has done well and will continue to do well.”

Former Probate Judge of Horry County,  Diane Bufkin Creel said, “What I have seen is, I compare North Myrtle Beach to other municipalities in the area.  I have seen progression in North Myrtle Beach.  Progression is what we all need to move into the future. With Marilyn at the helm,  she has done an outstanding job.

Said area resident Orlando Brockington, “I love Marilyn Hatley.  She is pro development.  She loves the city and she loves her constituents.

One young twenty something told our team, “Mayor Hatley is America’s Mayor!

Most North Myrtle Beach locals agree.




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