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North Myrtle Beach is the Grandstrand’s favorite beach

Why has the City of North Myrtle Beach continually outperformed its neighbors to the South? Is it good government, good community, good business owners, good investments, good luck, or a combination of all of the above?

Whatever it is, North Myrtle Beach is unquestionably the best beach along the 60 mile coast called the Grandstrand.

In February 2019, Tripadvisor named North Myrtle Beach’s Cherry Grove one of the top 15 best beaches in America. North Myrtle Beach was the only city beach along S.C.’s North coast (Grandstrand) to make that list. The North coast runs from Little River, S.C. south to Garden City Beach.


Mayor Hatley and NMB City Council

The leadership in North Myrtle Beach government quite simply outworks their neighbors to the south. When investors are ready to make business decisions about where to locate, North Myrtle Beach is often their first and only choice.

This past February, Alarms.org ranked North Myrtle Beach number 7 among the safest cities in the state of South Carolina.

The report included more than 7,600 cities across the state and reviewed the most recent FBI crime report statistics.

Involved Community

Tens of thousands attend ongoing NMB festivals and parades year round.

The Beach

North Myrtle Beach

Tourists and locals who visit the area note that days on the beaches of North Myrtle Beach are more wholesome, laid back, and quite simply better.

North Myrtle Beach
Downtown North Myrtle Beach is downtown USA

Perhaps it is the quaint, small town feel of main street that people find so inviting.

Whatever it is, North Myrtle Beach has it. Longer visiting, weekly staying, family tourists prefer the City of North Myrtle Beach three to one over its “nationally named” neighbor just to the south.



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