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NOTICE: April 13, 2019 Horry County Republican Party Convention

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By Lisa Bean Williams

Horry County is only a day or so away from the Horry County SC elections for the County GOP party representatives. At this time the County Party Chairperson,  the Vice-Chair and the State Executive Committee person will be elected by those who are signed as Delegates or Alternate delegates to the process. As many are new to the entire process, it is vital that basic information be distributed.

Delegates and their Alternates were assigned to the Convention a few weeks ago. The sole outcome of who leads of who leads the Horry GOP into the future lays in their hands. Saturday, April 13,  the Delegates or their Alternates will vote into office who they deem to be the best representation of Republican leaders in the local communities of Horry County. It is wise to educate yourself on who is running for these positions and how they can move the local party toward being an active force in dealing with issues from roads and development to jobs and wages, from law enforcement to waste disposal. Know who and what the needs of the County are and who is best to lead in that direction.

This Saturday April 13th, the doors will open at 8:30 am to register the elected Delegates and their Alternates. THE DOORS WILL CLOSE AT 10:00 SHARP. Delegates or Alternates arriving after 10:00 will not be registered or eligible to vote. The formal agenda will begin shortly after 10:00 AM. The 2019 Horry County Republican Party Convention location address is: Ten Oaks Middle School, 150 Revolutionary War Way, Myrtle Beach SC. 29579. Admission fee is $15 for all, or $25 including an annual membership if you sign up as a member to the local HCGOP. The admission fee includes lunch.

Delegates or Alternates are the only people who can vote. If you are not a Delegate or Alternate you are still welcome to attend and support your choice of Delegates and Candidates.

It is heavily recommended that once you arrive that you stay for the duration, especially if you are a Delegate or Alternate. Nominations and re-votes are normal and once you leave, you may have wasted your time as well as yout  vote/

Support your Candidates and encourage others to vote responsibly for Horry County to move toward becoming more whole in the future and a true and vocal force in the County, the State of South Carolina and our Nation.

Please share this article with your friends or on your websites so that all who are most affected by the ultimate policies are able to have a voice. It is vital that Horry County become a firm voice in the local issues facing its Citizens.

Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up.

See you soon,

Lisa Bean Williams

*MyrtleBeachSC.com does not endorse any member to any position. The above is meant only for informative purpose for the benefit of our communities and our readership.



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