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Ed Carey Addresses Voters About Government Transparency

This past Friday night,  Mayoral candidate, Ed Carey addressed a group of voters at the Fresh Brewed Coffee House in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Carey is an engineer who helped create Myrtle Beach’s Market Common.  While he spoke alongside three local council candidates at the forum, Carey is a well known …

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City Council Candidates Address Myrtle Beach

ann dunham

Freshed Brewed Coffee House on 933 Broadway Street, was the location of a candidate’s forum this past Friday night.   Three city council candidates addressed a host of issues that included restoring the city’s good name, crime, downtown redevelopment, government accountability, the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, city barricades, among other issues. You …

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Hurricane Irma Tracks West Away From Myrtle Beach

Irma FL

The projected forecast for Hurricane Irma has shifted West. The storm is projected to make land in Southern Florida and run along the land mass of the State of Florida. If that trajectory holds, Myrtle Beach, S.C. will be spared all but tropical storm effects from this Hurricane. provides …

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Hurricane Irma

FRIDAY SEPT. 8 UPDATE:  Irma Tracks West Away From Myrtle Beach.  7 p.m. UPDATE:  See interactive map below.  Irma has tracked more Westward.  7 p.m. forecast has it now going inland along the land mass of Florida.  This move could take Myrtle Beach completely out of any significant storm event …

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Mark McBride Prays For City – Lays Out Safety & Growth Plans

Surrounded by his wife, Laura, and two sons,  Mayoral Candidate Mark McBride made a request for prayers for all city residents in the path of Hurricane Irma. McBride then laid out his 3 year plan for public safety and growth this past Tuesday. McBride told local media that public safety …

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Will Convicted S.C. Representative Bring Down State-Wide System?

JIm Merrill Goes Undercover

After telling everyone in the S.C. House of Representatives and the S.C. Senate that the charges against him were flawed and indicated he planned to fight the allegations, a former S.C. House majority leader walked into court this past Friday, September 1st and announced to all that he had been …

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