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City Manager Brings Myrtle Beach Drama Into Campaign

Earlier this year, Mayoral Candidate Mark McBride payed for and scheduled Ernest Andrade, Executive Director of the Charleston Digital Corridor,  to speak with Myrtle Beach city residents at the Mary C. Canty Recreation Center (formerly Canal St Rec Center) about bringing high tech jobs to Myrtle Beach. The event was scheduled …

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Whose City Is It?

John Rhodes

Mayor John Rhodes’ donors paid for a full page ad in Grand Strand Magazine that went on the shelves today.  While the mayor disdains the voices of locals on social media, the ad went viral immediately on Facebook, and not how the mayor intended. THE MAYOR SAYS: THIS IS OUR …

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Ocean Pollution Is Injuring SC Marine Life

Ocean Polution

ARTICLE BY FEATURED WRITER: SHARON TUTRONE Our world is a trashy society, and that is causing big problems to oceans and the marine life that call it home. “I hope we would be more enlightened about throwing trash in the oceans,” said Dr. Dan Abel, a marine biologist at Coastal Carolina University. …

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Family Homeless After City Forgets To Issue C.O.

The Wallace family of Myrtle Beach were thrilled in 2001 as they moved into their new home on 1208 Ragin Street in Myrtle Beach.  However, less than 3 months after moving in,  family members began getting sick with unexplained illnesses. The neighborhood has also witnessed crime issues ongoing. The house …

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Candidates & Residents Say “They’ve Had Enough”

Candidates running in the Fall Myrtle Beach Mayor and City Council races spoke with residents at Caldas Pizza located at 1311 North Kings Highway last night.  Business owners who have been threatened by the city also spoke, as well as, those who said they have “had enough”.  The event was attended …

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Fall Debates has learned that Mayor John Rhodes, Councilman Lowder, and Councilman Wallace are working in tandem to attempt to shut down any attempts at resident attended Fall debates.   Such debates would put the unpopular incumbents at risk with facing the voters face to face. Mayor Rhodes told one local resident, …

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