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Affluent Dunes Area Infected – 92 Times Unsafe

92 TIMES UNSAFE, by chance, filmed teens wading in the exclusive Dunes Area of Myrtle Beach. The waters were ninety two times unsafe for swimming.  The swash was not closed and is not legally required to be closed because of long term swimming advisory signs posted in the area.  …

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Unanswered Questions

Gregg Smith

The county and city resident group Make Myrtle Beaches Free Clean And Safe sent out a questionnaire to all Myrtle Beach applicants for Mayor and City Council over the past few months.   According to one member of the group,  all questionnaires were returned with the exception of the 3 incumbents,  …

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Mayoral Candidate McBride Stresses Public Safety

Mayor McBride

Myrtle Beach city residents met last night at Burro Loco restaurant located at 960 Jason Boulevard to show support for Mark McBride and his family.   Mr. McBride is challenging for the November 2017 Mayor’s race. Candidate McBride said that he hoped to help the city turn the corner if elected.  He …

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North Myrtle Beach’s Mayor Hatley: Proven Leadership

Mayor Marilyn Hatley

City of North Myrtle Beach residents showed both love and appreciation for North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley yesterday at a fish fry cookout prepared by Boulineau’s of North Myrtle Beach in honor of the Mayor’s Fall re-election campaign. Mayor Hatley is locally considered one of America’s best mayors. The city …

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Chamber CEO – Shootings Hurt Myrtle Beach Brand Image

Addressing the Myrtle Beach Planning Commission, Brad Dean, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President said, “Of-course, the unfortunate events that happened in mid June, which attracted a whole lot of publicity…  I don’t need to recap that for you.  If you try to put a dollar value on it, …

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End Of An Era

Gray Era

The city of Myrtle Beach significantly transitioned into its own “next” this past Thursday, September 8, 2017.   The event passed with few noticing. Myrtle Beach City Councilman Wayne Gray chose to end his long political career by not signing up for the November elections.  Accounting for a short three year …

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