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Town Hall Forum – Overcoming Corrupt Systems

Thanks Beach

TOWN HALL FORUM – An opportunity for City Government to Sell Agenda This week,  I arrived home from Texas.  Brad Dean, of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber, and John Rhodes also came home from China. We all arrived to news reported by one corporate news channel touting a record summer posted by the …

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Technology Would Inform Beach Goers

Myrtle Beach Tourists

  Technology Gives Latest Bacteria Readings A new technology would give beach goers instant bacteria readings from the most recent Department of Health and Environmental Control testings. Using their cell phones tourists and locals could  immediately determine the latest beach bacteria readings as they arrive on the beach.   The technology is …

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City Ordinance Allows Ocean Pollution Exemption

Beacon Device Could Be Placed Here

Ordinance Exempts B&C Ocean Pollution First reading by Myrtle Beach City Council on Tuesday, September 13th will give B&C ocean pollution exemptions on a city mandated requirement for beach storm water run off.   The property located on Highway 17 north between 23rd Avenue North and 30th Avenue North is owned by  B&C (Burroughs …

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Scott Lemons Lends To Those In Need

Scott Lemons Myrtle Beach

  Once again Scott Lemons has been singled out for his outstanding accomplishments with Lawsuit Lending. Scott Lemons has worked for Lawsuit Lending for several strong years.  “The idea behind the concept of Lawsuit Lending is to help those who have been wronged.  Those victims often do not have the funds …

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Mayor John Rhodes & Brad Dean Leave For China

John Rhodes

MAYOR JOHN RHODES AND BRAD DEAN LEAVE FOR CHINA AFTER DISCUSSING DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT WITH PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA LEADERS IN MYRTLE BEACH THIS PAST WEEK. Myrtle Beach City Mayor John Rhodes and Chamber President, Brad Dean,  leave today for China on a ten day trip paid for  by the Myrtle …

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Who Pays For The Perfect Myrtle Beach Crime?

Myrtle Beach Chamber

Who Pays For The Perfect Myrtle Beach Crime? scroll to the bottom of this article to see who will pay ongoing reported on Friday: Robert “Shep” Guyton, the Myrtle Beach attorney who funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations through more than a dozen corporations in 2009, …

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