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Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment MEETING ANNOUNCED

  The Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation has posted the following notice to all Property Owners, Business Owners, and Operators inside of the DRC DISTRICT. If you are a current Property and/or Business Owner/Operator within the DRC District please mark your calendar for one of the meeting times on February …

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Area Councilman Says Investors Aren’t Communists

“People think it’s real communist there. It’s a very capitalistic, industrious nation right now.” Mark Lazarus, Chairman, Horry County Council ______________________________________ With this week’s Chinese-announced  purchase of the Chicago Stock Exchange,  Americans took even greater interest in the flood of investments coming into Myrtle Beach from China.  Myrtle Beach has witnessed over …

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Myrtle Beach Water Quality. Are We “Turning The Tide?”

OPINION PAGE In a meeting with local residents this past Thursday,  City Government explained the new retention pond being installed by the Walmart Neighborhood store at 17th Avenue South.   This retention pond will trap and contain storm run off from various sources on the South end of Myrtle Beach and …

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Love And Other Four Letter Words

Dedicated this Valentine’s day to my wife,  Marleny Hucks.  You are my light, my love and my North star. Thanks for saying yes. I am truly lucky in love because I, under the oddest of circumstances,  was able to pull off winning the wife lottery. __________________________ This week,  witnessing live footage of a …

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Well Regarded Pastor Confronts Mayor About Crime

Myrtle Beach is ranked the 17th highest city in America for crime by Neighborhood Scout.  However, there seems to be a disconnect between city leadership and the local residents in regards to the problems and the solutions. Such was strongly reflected in this week’s city council meeting as Tim McCray, a well …

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Horse Lovers “Show Up” To Address Beach Riding Ban

A group of Horse Enthusiasts recently banned from riding their horses on the beach inside the city limits showed up in force at yesterday’s Myrtle Beach City Council meeting. The city began enforcing a 2011 enacted code on the request of City Manager John Pedersen this past January 2016, with officers turning riders …

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